Nov 19

The Oregonian did some live blogging from Al Gore’s sermon last night in Portland, Oregon:

7:25 p.m.

It’s a few minutes before the former vice president is expected to begin speaking, and outside of the Keller the rallies and protests are in full swing.

On top of the Ira Keller Fountain, a rally sponsored by the group Americans for Prosperity, which opposes cap and trade regulation to limit greenhouse gasses, features a full band on an elevated stage.

Several hundred people are listening to speeches portraying climate change as a fraudulent hoax meant to limit freedoms. There are people dressed as polar bears and in American revolutionary garb.

A smaller group supporting Gore and action to combat climate change is lined up along 3rd Avenue, part of a rally sponsored by Repower America

As the anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade crowd cheered Americans for Prosperity’s President, Tim Phillips, one Gore supporter was mighty confused:

…Lindsay Epstein of Southeast Portland shook her head in disbelief that so many people didn’t believe climate change was underway. And those who believed it was, didn’t believe science had proven that humans were causing it.

“Why are there so many of them?” Epstein asked. “This is Portland. We’re supposed to be green. …This is very upsetting.”

As people with tickets to Gore’s speech filed inside, several dozen people yelled “Al Gore Lies!” and “No cap and trade!”

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Nov 19

Video: Americans for Prosperity’s President, Tim Phillips, addresses anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade protesters in Portland last night

By Editor Al Gore, Americans for Prosperity, protesters, video Comments Off on Video: Americans for Prosperity’s President, Tim Phillips, addresses anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade protesters in Portland last night

Americans for Prosperity’s President, Tim Phillips, flew in for the rally, and addressed the crowd at this stop on their Hot Air Tour. I shot this video from the front row.

A few choice quotes from Tim Phillips:

“The #1 emitter of hot air in America has to be Al Gore!”

“This cap and trade legislation will literally destroy the American economy.”

“Cap and trade means lost jobs…higher taxes, and loss of your individual freedom.”

There’s a verbal skirmish near the end of the video where a drunk who wandered by attempts to disrupt the rally.

See the “Possibly Related Posts” below for our previous posts on this rally.

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Nov 19

Here’s some photos I shot last night at the downtown Portland anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade Hot Air Tour rally hosted by Americans for Prosperity, as I noted on the video I posted here:

There were 200 protesters at Gore’s Boca Raton appearance a few days ago, and around 500 at this one – about 400 around the stage at the American’s for Prosperity Hot Air Tour event, and at least another 100 walking around on the sidewalks on the perimeter of the park carrying anti-Gore/anti-cap and trade signs. The Greenpeace activists seemed a bit surprised/perturbed that they had vocal opposition in their presence.The backlash against Al Gore is building!


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Nov 18

Tickets are still available just hours before Al Gore’s appearance in green Portland, Oregon’s Keller Auditorium, and local green activists are getting worried:

Word is spreading through Oregon’s environmental community that Tea baggers plan a large demonstration tomorrow to protest during Al Gore’s visit to Portland.

From what I’ve been told, the Tea baggers are hoping for a turnout in the hundreds, which would be pretty large by Portland standards.

Not to be outdone, the enviros are putting together a rally to support Gore, his message about the dangers of global warming and his just released book that outlines solutions.

The two events are supposed to converge tomorrow afternoon, about 5:30pm-ish outside Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland. Gore delivers a public lecture at Keller starting about 7:30pm.

The pro-Gore rally is being put together by Repower America a group with close ties to the former Vice President, Nobel Laureate and Academy Award winner. But other groups, such as Climate Solutions of Seattle and the Oregon Environmental Council are helping to spread the word.

They’re asking people to register for the event, which can be done here. The concern is that even though Portland has a reputation for being a green friendly city, the Tea baggers will show up in greater numbers.

Well, it’s not just the Tea Party protesters that Gore has to worry about, as PETA will be there to protest Al Gore’s consumption of meat too.

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Nov 17

Al Gore is coming to Portland, Oregon tomorrow (Wednesday, November 18, 2009) to shill his new book, Our Choice.

It seems Al Gore is becoming even more of a lightning rod as The Oregonian notes Gore’s visit with a bit of regret regarding Gore’s baggage:

Al Gore, who is for better or worse the public face of climate change, will be in Portland this week for a series of events.

PETA is coming after him from the left:

Just ahead of Al Gore’s stop this week in Portland, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has challenged the former vice president to back his green talk by giving up meat.

At Gore’s book discussion Wednesday night at Keller Auditorium, PETA warns that the former vice president will be faced down by a “nearly naked ‘Mother Earth‘ ” and PETA supporters holding signs that say “Meat’s Not Green.”

“More and more, we are hearing about the damage that meat production does to our water supply, the forests and the global climate,” PETA says in a news release. “In light of these reports, we are asking Mr. Gore simply to try going vegetarian for 30 days. If he were to stick with it for a year, he could save more than 100 animals’ lives — and maybe even his own.”

And the Americans for Prosperity Hot Air Tour will be hitting him from the right:

The free-market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is taking its nationwide Hot Air Tour to former Vice President Al Gore in Portland on Wednesday, November 18, to expose the extreme economic costs of cap-and trade-legislation to the American taxpayer.

On Wednesday, November 18, AFP will take on Al Gore once again at Keller Fountain Park—this time to expose the economic dangers of cap-and-trade legislation.

Attendees will have the chance to listen to Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips and sign a petition urging their members of Congress to vote “no” on cap-and-trade.

The event is free and open to the public.

What: Portland Hot Air Tour Event

Who: Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips, President of AFP

When: Wednesday, November 18, 5:30pm

Where: Keller Fountain Park SW 3rd Ave. and SW Clay St. Portland, OR 97201

Media Contact: Mary Ellen Burke (202) 309-1129

Move On Dot Gore will be protesting The Goracle too.

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Jul 25

Crashing Al Gore’s Global Warming Party

By Editor Al Gore, Americans for Prosperity Comments Off on Crashing Al Gore’s Global Warming Party

Via Reason TV: Americans for Prosperity rallied taxpayers outside Al Gore’s big global warming speech in Washington, and found that some Gore followers didn’t exactly practice what he preached.

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