May 12

Yet another meteorologist who is skeptical of anthropogenic global warming comes out of the closet.

An excerpt from who reports:

That would be Karl Bohnak, chief meteorologist at WLUC-TV on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, who calls global warming alarmism his “pet peeve” and finally got so fed up with it that he wrote to his congressman, Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak. He shared his letter in a blog post on his station’s Web site:

For years as a broadcast meteorologist, I kept silent about the issue of “global warming.”  Declaring skepticism labeled you (and still does) as an anti-environmentalist. After former VP Gore’s movie hit the big screen, I could remain silent no more.  “An Inconvenient Truth” was filled with so many gross distortions and outright scientific misrepresentations; I felt it was my obligation to speak out….

CO2 is not a pollutant and it’s not a problem.  The problem is rent-seeking corporations looking to cash in on cap and trade and low-output, high-cost alternative energy.  As your Michigan House colleague Congressman Dingell says “cap and trade is a tax, and it’s a great big one.”  This is not the time to raise energy prices, which is what this bill will surely do.  I believe the majority of your constituents will suffer adversely if this legislation is passed.

Heh. Global warming alarmism is my “pet peeve” too, Karl.

Hat tip: Climate Change Fraud and  Marc Morano

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Feb 21

TV meteorologist notes Portland’s coldest winter this decade, and the winter isn’t over yet

By Editor Infidel, meteorologists Comments Off on TV meteorologist notes Portland’s coldest winter this decade, and the winter isn’t over yet

I was watching the local news last night, and one of our local TV meteorologists flashed this graphic across the screen:

This particular meteorologist, Mark Nelsen, also noted it on his blog.

Something tells me this fellow is no alarmist. An infidel perhaps?

Note: PDX = Portland International Airport

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Nov 04

TV meteorologist Art Horn explains the media’s old “if it bleeds, it leads” axiom and relates it to anthropogenic global warming:

Why won’t the major television networks give a more balanced view of global warming? When your job is to generate a large audience, other priorities dominate. Television news is all about getting the largest audience. The networks love a good disaster story. If stories about a coming climate Armageddon will get more people to watch a news program, then that is what you’ll see. It is not in the interest of the networks or any other news media to deviate from the disastrous side of the global warming story. To do so would water down a neverending source of story ideas.

The people who work at the networks are not scientists. The networks don’t look at global warming as a scientific issue but as a news story. Science looks for answers by experimentation and verification. In science, if the data disproves the theory, then the theory can’t be true. In the world of news there are no hard rules of objective verification of truth or falsehood. If the story is big and will make a ratings splash, then it becomes news. The networks see global warming not as something that needs balanced reporting but as an opportunity to generate audience. This is their job.

Since the global warming alarmists claim it will affect everything and everyone on earth, the number of news angles is virtually endless. This story is far too valuable to kill by reporting that the whole thing might be just nature doing what nature has always done: change.

The mainstream media has a strong motivation to pursue the global warming story in a way that fits its needs. In an environment of shrinking audiences and rapidly changing technology, global warming is just too good a hook to throw away with objective reporting. “Crisis” is a word used over and over again when referring to global warming. There is a real crisis developing, but it is not in the atmosphere. It’s on your television and in your magazines and newspapers.

Read it all at The Energy Tribune.

Al Gore is exploiting the media’s desire for a good disaster story, and the media is exploiting Al Gore’s desire to create a disaster story. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

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