Jun 12

Heh. The Obama administration is so very “transparent” that there is nothing at all to see.

Via Green Hell:

House Republicans Darrell Issa and James Sensenbrenner are calling for an investigation of whether Obama climate czar Carol Browner’s secrecy in developing Obama’s CAFE standards and EPA’s CO2 endangerment finding was a “deliberate and willful violation” of the Presidential Records Act.

According to the letter,

… Mary Nichols, the head of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), revealed to the New York Times that the White House held a series of secret meetings with select special interests as they were crafting the new CAFE standards. Nichols was a key player in these negotiations because of California’s determined efforts to regulate fuel economy standards at the state level. Nichols admitted there was a deliberate “vow of silence
surrounding the negotiations between the White House and California on vehicle fuel economy [standards]. According to Nichols’ interview, “[Carol] Browner [Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change] quietly orchestrated private discussions from the White House with auto industry officials.” Great care was taken to “put nothing in writing, ever.” This coordinated effort, led by Carol Browner, to leave no paper trail of the deliberations within the White House appears to be a deliberate and willful violation of the Presidential Records Act. This Act requires the President to take, “all such steps as may be necessary to assure that the activities, deliberations, decisions, and policies that reflect the performance of his constitutional, statutory, or other official or ceremonial duties are adequately documented and that such records are maintained as Presidential records.” Clearly, Browner’s actions were intended to leave little to no documentation of the deliberations that lead to the development of stringent new CAFE standards.

So much for President Obama’s Jan. 21 committment to unprecedented openness in government.

The entire Issa/Sensenbrenner letter is here.

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Jan 15

Video: Sean Hannity on Obama’s Socialist Global Warming Czar Carol Browner

By Editor Carol Browner, Sean Hannity, video Comments Off on Video: Sean Hannity on Obama’s Socialist Global Warming Czar Carol Browner

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Jan 14

It’s a very fine line, Senator.

climatebrad on YouTube:

On Fox News January 14, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) is interviewed by Megyn Kelly on President-elect Barack Obama’s new energy and climate adviser, Carol Browner. Citing an article in the Washington Times and an editorial in the Examiner newspapers that question Browner’s involvement in the Socialist International’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society. Kelly calls her “one of fourteen leaders of this socialist group,” “pretty committed to socialist policies.” Kelly also confuses “global government” with “global governance.”

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Dec 11

Tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal editorial:

After the selection of a largely centrist economic team, liberals have been asking when President-elect Obama would give them a seat at the table. Well, now we know, and Americans should strap themselves in. Mr. Obama is stocking his energy shop with the greenest of greens who want to move fast on a very aggressive climate agenda. Here come the carbon busters.

Regarding Obama’s supposed Energy Secretary, The Journal says:

Mr. Chu’s special passion is climate change, and he favors putting a price on greenhouse emissions. The federal energy portfolio, though, is dominated by nuclear issues such as waste disposal and maintaining the U.S. weapons stockpile, with a side of basic research. On the latter, Mr. Chu co-chaired a blue-ribbon panel last year that called for doubling energy research spending.
Congress will see that and raise. But we trust Mr. Chu already knows that the Bush Administration has devoted some $43.3 billion to climate-specific science and R&D since 2001, including the annual $650 million budget of the Berkeley Lab, which is funded through the Energy Department. We trust, too, that an expert of his sophistication understands not only the promise of clean tech but its real practical limits.

And then there is Carol Browner, the Al Gore protégé, who ran the EPA during Der Schlick Meister’s Administration who will act as Obama’s Energy Czar. The Journal:

During her EPA salad days, she put out air-pollution standards that even the agency itself said would have no measurable impact on public health, purely as antibusiness punishment. She forced GE to dredge the Hudson River of PCBs that posed no threat to the public. Ms. Browner also rewrote a law called New Source Review so that power plants, refineries and other industries were always breaking the particulate emissions rules.

But her most pernicious inspiration was the idea that the EPA could by itself classify carbon as a “dangerous pollutant” under current clean-air laws and thus impose new taxes and restrictions on all types of energy. Under Ms. Browner’s orders, EPA general counsel Jonathan Cannon prepared a 1998 memorandum concluding that “CO2 emissions are within the scope of the EPA’s authority to regulate,” even though Congress specifically declined to include carbon when it last amended the Clean Air Act in 1990. Now a law professor, Mr. Cannon serves on the Obama transition team.

The Obama Administration is “sitting on some authority,” Ms. Browner warned at the Center for American Progress recently. She says the White House is prepared to use that power “in the event that perhaps there can’t be some sort of agreement reached with Congress on how to move legislation.” In other words, Ms. Browner will use the threat of brute regulatory force as a political bludgeon if Capitol Hill declines to inflict some carbon tax on voters in the midst of a recession.

Not only will this incur colossal economic costs, but it bypasses normal democratic debate. In that sense it’s suggestive of the radicalism of Mr. Obama’s climate agenda. When Mr. Obama said during the campaign that he favored “nothing less than the complete transformation of our economy” in the name of global warming, we figured he couldn’t mean something so utopian. Maybe he does.

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