Jan 06

As GORE LIED noted in detail on Monday, Fairbanks, Alaska’s Craig Compeau has recreated and improved last year’s frozen Al Gore ice scupture by adding audio of Gore’s Copenhagen speech from last month, and is also piping pick-up truck exhaust though the Frozen Gore ice sculpture to simulate Gore’s personal emission of that dastardly CO2.

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Jan 04

Friend of the blog, Craig Compeau, owner of Compeau’s, a boat, motor and snow machine dealer in Fairbanks, Alaska e-mailed me the press release containing details for his latest incarnation of Frozen Al Gore:

Fairbanks, AK – In an ongoing effort to attract Former Vice President Al Gore to come to Fairbanks and debate his man-made global warming theories, a unique interactive ice sculpture will be unveiled Tuesday, January 5th in downtown Fairbanks.

The new sculpture, a 6’ tall, 4,000 lb, likeness of Mr. Gore will be uncovered at the corner of Airport Road and Cushman Street next to Thrifty Liquor. This year the carving features an audio dub of Mr. Gores Dec 2009 Copenhagen speech suggesting that the entire Polar Ice cap will likely disappear in the next 5 to 7 years, and urging us to upgrade our light bulbs.

As the audio is played, hot air will be omitted from the mouth of the statue, signifying the dangers to the environment of all types of man-made emissions. The source of the hot air will be the Ford F-350 flatbed truck on which the sculpture sits, with a 2” hose from the tailpipe of the vehicle, through a hole bored in the back of the head of the carving, and pumped out through the mouth of the statue.

Local businessmen Craig Compeau and Rudy Gavora commissioned the frozen artwork, by world class sculptor Steve Dean.

“We’re not giving up easy”, Compeau told onlookers as the statue was receiving its final touches Sunday evening. “We invited Mr. Gore to Fairbanks last January, (one of the coldest in decades), to debate his planet-melting theories, and his people responded via email, that although Mr. Gore would love to attend, there was a scheduling conflict. Compeau thought that was odd since he had not suggested any specific date or time.”
Locals are welcome to stop by and get their photos taken with the artwork at any time of day, although the frigid temperature may keep them away, or cause cameras to freeze up.

Temperatures in interior Alaska have recently fallen to the -30 to -40F range.

In conjunction with the release of the new statue, Compeau has incorporated a “Local Warming” contest that will raise money to provide warm winter clothing for homeless Fairbanks residents. The contest asks participants to estimate how many hours the Ford F-350 would have to run to equal the carbon output of Mr. Gores recent round trip visit to Copenhagen aboard his private Lear jet. To enter, visit www.frozengore.com.

Regular readers of this blog may remember last year’s inaugural Frozen Al Gore which even garnered a visit from Sarah Palin.   After a season of poking fun at Al Gore last year, Compeau celebrated the eventual coming of summer by breaking up Gore into cocktail ice, and served Al Gore-itas!

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Jun 16

Yesterday, Newsbusters asked, “Will Widespread Global Cooling Reports Freeze Al Gore Media Credibility?” Perhaps so.  AP:

NASHVILLE – Senate Republicans have rejected a resolution urging the erection on Tennessee Capitol grounds of statues to honor the state’s two Nobel Peace Prize winners, Al Gore and Cordell Hull.

The Senate voted 15-14 on the resolution sponsored by Democratic Sen. Andy Berke of Chattanooga, but measures need at least 17 votes to pass. The House earlier passed the resolution unanimously.

Methinks this is a more apt statue of Al Gore anyway…

Frozen Al Gore

Hat tip: Climate Change Fraud

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Feb 18

Craig Compeau, the man behind Frozen Al Gore checks in today with an update from Fairbanks, Alaska:

He’s not only frozen, he’s getting harder ! Was -30F last night.
He’s not going away until April or later I’m sure.
When he does begin to melt down, we’re going to bust a chunk of his head off and make drinks…
“Al Goritas” You should join us.

Cheers, Craig!

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Jan 21

Frozen Gore video’s audio deep-sixed by Live Earth’s music company, Warner Music Group

By Editor Al Gore, Frozen Gore, Warner Music Group Comments Off on Frozen Gore video’s audio deep-sixed by Live Earth’s music company, Warner Music Group

Our post yesterday of Fairbanks’ Frozen Al Gore noted that the YouTube video contained no audio. Tonight, the video still has no audio, but contains this notice:

NOTICE: This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by WMG. The audio has been disabled.

It would be one thing if WMG (Warner Music Group) were just protecting their copyright, but a closer examination reveals a more likely motive – to silence an anthropogenic global warming skeptic.

An excerpt from WMG’s Going Green page on their website:

WMG is reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and its “carbon footprint” through collaboration with Native Energy; a Native American-owned energy company which helps build Native American, farmer-owned, community-based renewable energy projects; and REVERB. REVERB (founded by Lauren Sullivan and her husband, Guster (Reprise) guitarist/vocalist Adam Gardner) seeks to increase environmental awareness by educating, inspiring and activating music fans while “greening” artists’ tours and the music industry at large.

Together with these organizations, WMG is working on a comprehensive corporate offset and carbon dioxide emission reduction program encompassing the company’s complete activities – from new album releases to employees’ daily commuting habits.

In 2007, WMG’s Warner Bros. Records released a double CD and DVD package titled “Live Earth – The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis,” donating all of the net proceeds to the Alliance for Climate Protection.

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