Feb 16

In a long interview with John Coleman which has appeared in Good Magazine, the writer, David Pruner, tries unsuccessfully to provide some balance to Coleman’s anthropogenic global warming skepticism by talking to an authority on the other side of the debate:

To get some sort of definitive explanation, I talked to Kerry Emmanuel, who is a professor of Atmospheric Science at M.I.T. He agrees with Al Gore that the debate is over (although he does think the movie has some “scientific flaws”)….Emmanuel says he could relatively quickly give me a “good feeling for the evidence.” But, he says, to bring me up to speed on the physics behind the greenhouse effect, “you’d have to take a semester class.” On top of that, he says, “The models are even difficult for the professionals to understand.” So the problem, as Emmanuel presents it, is that scientists often expect the general public to accept conclusion “as an article of faith” because the explanation can be so intricate and difficult to communicate. “Therein lies a problem,” says Emmanuel. “You have to take my word for that.”

Is it remotely possible that the professionals don’t really understand it at all? And we’re going to gamble $45 trillion dollars on something that you just expect me to take your word on?

Hat tip: Climate Change Fraud

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