Nov 04

Despite Al Gore’s pronoucment that “the debate is over”, alarmist David Appell nevertheless faced off against skeptic climatologist Dr. Tim Ball on The Victoria Taft Show on Monday night on Portland, Oregon’s KPAM AM 860.

Appell has a recent piece in Scientific American that contends even now that the Hockey Stick is alive and well.

Here’s the audio of the debate:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Update (11/6/2009):

Victoria Taft writes via e-mail to tell of her blog devoted to her collection of David Appell (who apparently is a chronic blog lurker) rants: David Explains It All.

One example:

You are exactly the kind of fool the Bush administration is counting on — hardheaded, impervious to evidence, scared ****less that some terrorist is going to blow up your mailbox, and willing to grant the government any power if they will just protect you.

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