Jul 26

Blogger Lian’s Limb fantasized today about “humanly caused global warming”, and admits that he and other Warmers are “rooting for global warming”.

Lian’s Limb:

“I’ve heard some people say that the real test in the difference between those who support the idea of anthropogenic global warming and those who deny it, is that no one who supports the idea really wants it to exist -they’d rather be wrong than right, and their acceptance of the rightness of it is reluctant. Well I’m here to say that’s bullshit. Of course there are people who want humanly caused global warming to be real, and I’m one of them.”

Later, Lian’s Limb gushes that he (or she) “actively is rooting for a warmer earth.”

But, Lian’s Limb does not stop there. Dear readers, we’ve hit a mother lode of candid admissions here, and they are what we AGW skeptics have suspected all along. As follows:

1. “Even when scientists enter into the political arena their activities in that arena are no longer governed by scientific review.”

2. “Folks like me on the other hand, and there are quite a few of us, actively detest highly centralized, large scale, global, industrial capitalism and would really like to see a very different kind of social system in its place. We’re opportunists who see global warming as a chance to either convince people to make changes we think are necessary anyway, or force them by circumstances to change.”

3. “Now I don’t agree with the “mother earth” lovers, who whine about the earth dying and view humanity as a form of locust that should be exterminated. I think humans are a fine species. I like being human. I like most other humans. I just think we’ve gone a very long way in the wrong direction, and need a course correction to a simpler, more localized, more decentralized, more humane way of life.”

4. “I’m not talking about reverting to foraging, or even becoming true agricultural societies. There’s not a thing wrong with computers or the Internet, or with electricity. However, I have overcome a prejudice of my youth that held flush toilets to be the epitome of civilization, and can now see that composting toilets, with the compost recycled back into local farms would be far more sustainable.”

5. “I’m a big fan of the writings of Murray Bookchin (Remaking Society: Pathways to a Green Future, South End Press, 1990), who envisions “decentralized communities, united in free confederations or networks for coordinating the communities of a region, …[reflecting] the traditional ideals of a participatory democracy…” (page 181). Bookchin sees the “need to rescale communities to fit the natural carrying capacity of the regions in which they are located and to create a new balance between town and country” as an “ecological imperative” (page 185).”

6. “As I see it, if the climate scientists are right, and I suspect that they probably are, environmental circumstances will force upon us changes that will disrupt global capitalism, and combined with the loss of fossil fuels will result in greater localism whether we want it to or not. However, if we wait to be forced into this chances are the changes will come about due to more oppressive governments to deal with the extremes of dislocation and social unrest almost certain to appear.”

7. “So I’d rather use the fear of global warming as a tool to get people to willingly, gradually restructure society. Even if it turns out that the world doesn’t get warmer and the environmental catastrophe’s don’t happen, the end result of a restructured, more localized, slower, less energy intensive, more democratic society is more than worth it. But all in all, I think humanity — a least what’s left of it — might be better off in a warmer world.”

To be fair, there are a couple of nuggets here that we skeptics can (surprisingly) find some agreement on, and that is Lian’s Limb’s desire to “get people to willingly, gradually restructure society.” The word “willingly” is the operative word here. “Willingly” is OK. If I, or anyone willingly makes a concious and free decision to live a more “green” lifestyle, so be it. But if it’s government intervention that tells us what to eat, what to drive (or if we can drive), where to live, etc. – then the government can pry the keys to my GMC Yukon from my cold, dead fingers.

Lian’s Limb also seems to have just a skosh of a healthy fear of “oppressive governments” (see #6 above). It seems his ideal outcome if all of his “humanly caused global warming” fantasies come true is for society to willing change before “oppressive governments” force changes. But, I doubt Lian’s Limb’s fear of “oppressive governments” is anywhere near as well developed as yours truly, or any other skeptic.

Finally, a Warmer who has told us what he really thinks.

Al Gore will not be happy about this. He’ll probably have this blogger sent to Climate Camp.

During his Congressional testimony earlier this week, Dr. Roy Spencer stated

“…from the beginning the IPCC process has been guided by desired policy outcomes, not science.”

Dr. Spencer then concluded:

“I am predicting today that the theory that mankink is mostly responsible for global warming will slowly fade away in the coming years, as will the warming itself. And I trust you would agree Madam Chair that such a result deserves to be greeted with relief.”

“Greeted with relief”? By who? Not Lian’s Limb, and not the rest of the Warmers either.

If there is a Warmer out there who would actually admit that they’d be happy if AGW theory was proven incorrect, please post a comment here. I don’t expect to hear from any, but I hope I’m proven incorrect – just as a Warmer should hope to be proven incorrect on AGW theory.

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