Apr 16

Standing in front of Frozen Al Gore are (from left to right) Craig Compeau, Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin, and Todd Palin

Standing in front of Frozen Al Gore are (from left to right) Craig Compeau, Piper Palin, Governor Sarah Palin, and Todd Palin

When Frozen Al Gore creator Craig Compeau last checked in with GORE LIED on February 18, Frozen Al Gore was indeed still frozen:

He’s not only frozen, he’s getting harder ! Was -30F last night.
He’s not going away until April or later I’m sure.
When he does begin to melt down, we’re going to bust a chunk of his head off and make drinks…
“Al Goritas” You should join us.

Compeau checks in again today with an update, and includes an exclusive photo of Governor Sarah Palin posing with Frozen Al Gore.


April 16th and he’s still frozen hard. Hasn’t lost a lb.  Was 15F last night.

We think he’ll be around into May.

I have a picture of myself, Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, and their daughter Bristol, (and Al) that we took in February when she was up here in Fairbanks for the completion of the Iron Dog snowmachine race.

Note: GORE LIED believes the child in the photo is actually Todd and Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter Piper.

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3 Responses to “GORE LIED exclusive photo: Gov. Sarah Palin poses with Frozen Al Gore in Fairbanks, Alaska”

  1. DEO says:

    Palin is quite the idiot.

    Sarah palin-Tonya harding 2012!


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