May 02

Consumer Reports says the new Ford Fusion hybrid has a curious feature:

The most interesting thing about it though, may be its instrument cluster. I, for one, have never seen electronic leafy vines “growing” in my gauge cluster before. In addition to battery charge, amount of electric assist (or regeneration), a tachometer, instantaneous fuel economy and other electronic gauges, a vine on the right side of the display grows leaves (or they fade away) every three minutes, depending on the average fuel efficiency. The higher the fuel economy, the more leaves the plant grows. At first, driving as I normally do, the plant had only one leaf. Within a block or two of starting to drive gently to maximize fuel efficiency, the plant grew about five leaves. In addition, there’s a bar that moves within the EV zone and allows you to monitor your right foot in a way that maximizes the available electric power.

The only problem is that Ford has this exactly backwards. Since CO2 = plant food, the leafy vine should grow more leaves when fuel efficiency goes down (and CO2 emmissions go up).

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One Response to “Ford has it backwards on the leafy vines growing on the Ford Fusion hybrid’s dashboard display”

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