May 12

This video of author Will North plugging a new fiction novel on a talk show contains a segment where North discusses his having ghostwritten a book for Bill Clinton, and also Al Gore.  He doesn’t mention the titles of either book.

North says Al Gore is funny, even though “he comes off like a stick”.

Curiously, North divulges his strategy for ghostwriting, which doesn’t inspire much confidence in the accuracy/quality of the finished book:

My trick is that I want to make sure that my first draft is going directly to print.  (Laughing) I don’t want to spend that much time on it.

On North’s “biography page” on his website, he says:

I’ve written more than a dozen books, all non-fiction. Initially, they were about what might be called “progressive public policy issues.”

I’d like to find out which book North worked on for Al Gore. If anyone knows, has clues, or can help solve the puzzle please leave the information in the comments.

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5 Responses to “Puzzle: Which book of Al Gore’s was author Will North the ghostwriter?”

  1. Aruanan Sandoval says:

    Use the same authorship program (or technique) that was used to show that Obama’s Dreams book was ghostwritten by Bill Ayers. Since the guy admits that he tries to get into print a first draft because he doesn’t want to do too much work, there ought to be many similar phrases and other identifying features shared between all of his books. If Inconvenient shares these characteristics with the guy’s books that are obviously his own, it’s more than likely that he was the author.


  2. Anton says:

    Most acclaimed celebrity “authors” ado not actually write their own material, though they shamelessly take credit for it. Rush Limbaugh did not write his best-sellers (his publisher admits it), Hillary Clinton did not write “It Takes a Village” or anything else, Bill Clinton did not write his best-sellers, and the evidence seems to suggest that Obama did not write either of his so called (and highly praised) blockbuster autobiographies (and he doesn’t write his speeches, either). To take credit for someone else’s work is lying. Al Gore is part of a cabal of literary frauds, all of whom should be publically exposed.


  3. tehdude says:

    That’s cool, he disavows all this coolaid and walks away with the money. After all, people paid redic money to see him speak of their own free will…


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  5. Mary says:

    The book was “Common Sense Government”. He also ghostwrote a book for Bill Clinton. Will North is the pen name he uses for his novels – his non-fiction work is published under William Nothdurft.


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