May 19

Some say our future is the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition, but fellow Portlander Victoria Taft offers this vision of our mandated future:

Now that the new CEO of Government Motors has announced the new restrictive fuel and emmissions standards for new cars and the plan to import such cars from China, here is what America, formerly the land of the free, can expect.

The car brings never before available benefits. Less structural support means better fuel mileage. Health care expenses for the country will be drastically reduced too as it is doubtful occupants would survive such a 40 mph impact.

China’s Brilliance BS6 has one of the worst safety ratings in the world.

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One Response to “Your new fuel efficient Obamamobile”

  1. Zammy says:

    Obama wants a planned economy, just like in communist Russia.

    The new car has to be fuel efficient like the Korean made Chevy Aveo (34 mpg) but that mileage has to be achieved for cars of ALL sizes now, sportscars, 4x4s, limos etc. all will have the same tiny gas consumption as the Aveo.

    Obama just has to speak a wish and it comes true. Why didn’t he just say 50 mpg ? why not 100mpg?

    After car companies have achieved what he wants (most probably by importing massive amounts of Chinese/Korean made cars on the market), he will double the MPG “target” to 70mpg and grandstand as “the president who singlehandedly increased fuel mileage in America, something nobody else was able to do”.


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