May 28

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Via Victoria Taft, the Oregon Legislature is introducing a bill to be approved by the voters that would allow the Legislature to “impose taxes on the release of carbon into the air or water or onto land“:

RED ALERT!! Oregon Democrats Toss in a Carbon Tax at the Last Minute With Hearing Slated for 8am TOMORROW

This is a Joint Resolution which would result in this going to the voters. Let’s kill it NOW while it’s in committee.
This from Todd Wynn at Cascade Policy:

This bill could amend the Oregon Constitution to allow the legislature to impose taxes on carbon emissions and then put the revenues raised into alternative energy or other ‘systems or programs’ that result in a reduction of carbon emissions.

Information on the hearing/bill:

House Joint Resolution 48

Committee on Revenue

Tomorrow(Friday at 8 am, hearing room A)

Link to the bill:

If the Oregon Dems are successful, I believe this would be the first carbon tax put up to the voters in the US.

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3 Responses to “Breaking: Oregon Legislature attempting to put a carbon tax on the ballot”

  1. Joseph says:

    There is no source of emissions mentioned. This could result in a tax on breathing. Not to mention there is also carbon in poop. We’ll have revenoo’ers in the woods again, but this time they won’t be looking for stills…

    You know, it is things like this that make me wonder if we are slipping into another Dark Age.



  2. Todd Wynn says:

    This bill is entirely unnecessary and misguided. If passed through committee and voters approve it would impose significant costs on Oregonians while providing no environmental benefit.

    Three points that legislators and citizens need to hear:

    1.Oregon already has a low carbon footprint and is continuing to reduce emissions without a costly carbon tax.

    Oregon is among six states in the nation credited for having the lowest carbon emissions. Oregon is tied for second on the lowest energy-related emissions, which is around half the national average.

    In transportation and residential emissions, Oregon has one of the lowest emissions per capita, far lower than the national average.

    From 1963 to 2005, the energy intensity of the Oregon economy (the amount of energy consumed per unit of GDP) declined by 91%. This is a fantastic achievement; and we continue to make strides towards reducing energy consumption, which ultimately leads to fewer emissions per unit of GDP.

    Oregon already has a renewable portfolio standard (Senate Bill 838), which mandates utilities to use less carbon-intensive forms of energy; and the state already has a carbon dioxide standard (HB 3283) on baseload natural gas plants, non-baseload plants using any type of fossil fuel, and non-generating facilities that emit CO2.

    2.Because Oregon plays such a minor role in greenhouse gas emissions in the nation and the world, any reductions made from implementing a carbon tax would not have any discernable influence on global temperatures.

    Oregon only contributes 0.7% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

    If Oregon reduced its emissions to zero and continued this into the future (well beyond the scope of what a carbon tax may reduce), our reductions would be completely replaced by foreign growth in 16 days. The growth in China alone would replace our reductions in as little as 25 days. Thus any strategy to merely reduce (not eliminate) emissions would be replaced by foreign growth in just a few days.

    3.Global temperatures have been declining for the past few years(since 2002 at least) despite increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

    It is obvious that there are more factors that affect global temperatures than just the small amount of human emitted greenhouse gases. Thus, a policy geared towards reducing human emitted GHGs in Oregon is a low-leverage policy at best.


  3. RANDY PAULSON says:

    According to satellite data, which is by far the most reliable and penetrating form of temperature measurement, despite increasing CO2 levels, we have been COOLING around the globe for 7.5-10 years, with rapid cooling being experienced these past few years. This is the result mainly of the silent sun, which has hit 639 spotless days in this long cycle 23 and 23/24 transition, and the higher the count goes, the colder it’s going to get.(“It’s the SUN, stupid!) Crop planting dates in Canada are already being delayed due to exremely frigid weather up there-it’s still snowing and freezing in some parts. Planting in the US are also being delayed due to wet some places, cold conditions. Legislators certainly must be aware of this, yet they stubbornly follow the corrupt, agenda-driven “consensus” (science isn’t done by a show of hands-politics is.) of the corrupt UN’s IPCC doctored assessments. We are a sovereign nation, the greatest in history, and must never become subjigated to the rule of that evil organization. But that is just what this whole global warming tax is all about, isn’t it?


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