Jun 05

From The Wall Street Journal in response to this Dan Henninger column, and this video that accompanied it:

Thanks for putting the blame squarely on the pointy heads of the environmentalists and others who couldn’t imagine a love affair if handed one riding sidesaddle on a horse. I am 71 years old, have had 20 or so cars in my life, and these “horses” have helped me gallop away from the realities of the world and have provided me with the luxury of private space, adventure, self-planned journeys and a bit of being “in charge” for hours upon hours.

Tomorrow, I leave for San Francisco, through the Oregon and Nevada deserts, into the metropolis extraordinaire in my 2003 Caddy Escalade, a vehicle that could have been the stopping place for any further technical wonders in the greatest “affair” a man can ever have.

Jack H. Titus
Marsing, Idaho

And a bonus letter on the same subject:

I can’t help but be reminded of video clips of Havana, where old, classic cars are still being driven. Granted, the Cubans are driving old cars for a different reason, but I just wonder if Americans might not eventually rebel against the new “little green cars.” Perhaps in 2050 we’ll all still be driving our meticulously maintained 2005 Chevy Tahoes and Chrysler 300s.

Ingrid Bower
Manhattan Beach, Calif.

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One Response to “Letter to the Editor on new CAFE standards destroying America’s car culture: “Thanks for putting the blame squarely on the pointy heads of the environmentalists….””

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