Jun 06

😉 I never visit the blog of that Marc Morano-smearer Joe Romm (who makes stuff up), and whose blog, Climate Progress, is filled with disinformation, but I did just this once, and found that the Marc Morano-smearer Joe Romm had mentioned GORE LIED in his smearing of Marc Morano:

Anyway, one would suppose the Swift Boat Smearer is being mockingly humorous or satirical, like his namesake, Jonathan Swift, by making this article his banner headline.  But then really most of the articles Morano links to merit mocking or satire –  “GORE LIED:  Global temperatures plunge further; have dropped .63?F (.35?C) since Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth” [he kills me!] — so you really can’t tell whether his whole damn website is just some sort of elaborate performance art, like something Andy Kaufman would have done.

A feather in my cap.

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3 Responses to “That Marc Morano smearer Joe Romm mentions GORE LIED at his blog, Climate Progress, in his smearing of Morano”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Let me be kind enough to give Joe Romm a reason to visit GORE LIED.

    Alarmists and global warmers like Joe Romm are TURKEYS.


    They make me want to VOMIT ALL OVER THE FLOOR.

    They want to manipulate people’s lives (and cause people harm) based on NO EVIDENCE AT ALL.

    They are the WORST examples of WORTHLESS JUNK SCIENCE that there ever were.



  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    That’s my “polite” expression of my feelings about global warmers like Joe Romm.

    Now, please allow me to give my “forcible” expression of my feelings about global warmers like Joe Romm:

    Joe Romm, you …


  3. […] good news for fellow blogger Klockarman at Gore Lied, he got the Rommulan hate fevah directed his way.  Cool.  Maybe NASA will be on Romm’s hit list […]


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