Jun 08

From The Oregonian:

In an age of green thinking and enhanced recycling, I feel the Big Three carmakers should dismantle and recycle all the unsold new cars with poor gas mileage.

For these new cars to be foisted on the
world’s consumers to continue the problems Detroit caused and ignored is worse than short sighted.

What an educational gesture for the industry and the world if the creators of one of our largest environmental problems could step up and truly be part of the solution.
Southeast Portland

I suppose that would seem to make sense to many alarmists, but by the same logic we should dismantle and recycle all the unsold hybrid cars that get high gas mileage. With a 45% drop in hybrid car sales, these are the cars that are truly clogging up the car dealers’ lots:

…while Toyota may be enjoying mainstream success in Japan, it is continuing to struggle in the US, where the company has been hit by the slump affecting the entire auto industry.

Despite claims that Americans turning their backs on gas-guzzlers have contributed to the present dire straits faced by GM and others, Toyota’s latest sales figures point to a stagnant market for more efficient Japanese models as well.

Sales of the Prius in the US were down from 15,011 in May 2008 to just 10,091 for the same month this year. For the year to date, sales of the Prius in the US stand at 42,753 compared to 79,675 in 2008 – a drop of more than 45 per cent.

And let’s not forget that the hybrids are making much less the positive contribution to the environment that the lower MPG automobiles do, i.e. more CO2 emissions > more plant food > expands the biosphere > increases crop yields > feeds the world.

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One Response to “Letter to the Editor: “…the Big Three carmakers should dismantle and recycle all the unsold new cars with poor gas mileage.””

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    John Wiley from Portland, go drive yourself off a cliff in a Prius.

    That will eliminate two useless items.


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