Jun 10

The An Inconvenient Truth opera crashed and burned before the first performance, but it seems that this interpretive dance production actually made it to opening night.

The L Magazine says:

You might have a hard time believing that Al Gore’s slideshow doc An Inconvenient Truth could be rendered as an interpretive dance, but then you’d be doubting the ability of choreographer Jennifer Muller to create compelling new works based on contemporary issues and timeless themes. Bench…is her new piece about global warming, and will premiere tonight along with two other new pieces and one repertory stand-by as part of Jennifer Muller/The Works‘ 35th Anniversary Season, which continues through Sunday at The Joyce Theater in Soho.

Broadway World has more:

Inspired by Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Bench (World Premiere) is a dance about culpability and grace set to the music of Jocelyn Pook. The piece traces the ecological destruction of the earth due to destructive human behaviors through two simultaneous arcs: video projections of the earth from its creation to its current state of devastation and movement portraying the negative human effects on nature. A piece for twelve dancers, each dancer is caught in a downward spiral of destructive behavior – loosely based on the seven deadly sins. The relationships between characters disintegrate, torn apart by jealousies, quarrels, power struggles and conflicting desires, leading to a series of catalytic events that disrupt the status quo. The bench itself represents greed and power, inertia, and eventually, a prayer for salvation. Bench asks for a transformation of disregard into responsibility, apathy into action and conflict into redemption. Momentum (2005) is an investigation of energy, impetus, motion and velocity-the elements necessary to create action, forward motion, dynamic shape and momentum in movement and in life. Momentum is conceived as a vigorous, propulsive movement piece. Appropriate for ages 8 and up.

Still waiting for a review.

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2 Responses to “No kidding: An Inconvenient Truth interpretive dance premiered last night in Soho”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    My version of an interpretive dance to “An Inconvenient Truth” :

    I pull my pants partway down, and kind of wave my a$$ around at Al Gore.

    No reviews as yet.


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