Jun 12


Hey wendyboneabroad! If you are teaching 5th graders or younger, be sure to tell them the real inconvenient truth – that the earth has cooled their entire lives. If you don’t, you’re misleading them.

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3 Responses to “Tweeter is indoctrinating her students ‘one classroom at a time’”

  1. Jason says:

    Windy bone a broad? Really? Teaching fifth graders?


    • Klockarman says:

      I know, “wendyboneabroad” kind of sounds like the title to an adult film.

      I wasn’t saying that she was teaching fifth graders, I said if she’s teaching fifth graders. If they are fifth graders or younger then they were born in 1998 or later – and the earth has cooled a bit since then.

      I’m sure that she didn’t tell them that, because if she did the kids would probably not swallow wendyboneabroad’s message that she’s attempting to indoctrinate them with.

      As I’ve written before on this blog, my daughter was born in 1998. She’d heard about global warming at school. When I told her the earth had cooled a bit since 1998, she replied, “Then what’s everybody so worried about!” Nobody at school had bothered to tell her that pesky (but important) piece of information.


  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    A misspelling of her name.

    It is Wendy Bonehead.

    I would liike to sneak some “adult content” DVDs into schools, labeled “An Inconvenient Truth.”

    [Personally, I think DVDs of that variety are the cause of such pseudo-pious devotion to scum like Al Gore – cf Jim and Tammy Bakker et al. These people are ashamed of themselves for their covert viewing of purient films and they become compelled to take their guilt out on others]


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