Jun 12

The Oregonian reports:

SALEM — Oregon’s tax credit for that new Prius or other gas-electric hybrid vehicles could disappear on January 1, if a bill that passed the House Thursday becomes law.

Individual consumers and businesses who buy plug-in or all-electric cars would still qualify for a state tax credit. And House Bill 2180 would bring new incentives for companies that manufacture electric vehicles.

The bill must still make its way through the Senate. But it is a priority for Gov. Ted Kulongoski, who has promoted Oregon to electric car companies, including Nissan and Think, as a place to consider for a manufacturing site. Both companies have plans to test market their cars in Portland.

Oregon ranks among the top hybrid-car states per capita and Portland has ranked at the U.S. Prius sales capital.

Apparently, the hybrids just aren’t green enough for the Green Governor. And the plug-in electric cars are? Here in Oregon, 41% of our electricity is generated by coal.  So the plug-in electric cars that will still qualify for the Oregon tax credit will truly be 41% powered by coal.  I’m not sure the Green Governor really gives a damn about that pesky detail, as he’s likely more concerned about perception than reality.

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