Jun 17

To paraphrase Tom Nelson, more raving madness from James Hansen.

The following exchange can be found at about 8:30 in the video.

Softball question for James Hansen:

…I wonder if that’s not another part of the reason that the public has a certain trouble connecting this is ’cause we in the press for so long mimicking you, with all due respect, in the scientific world.  Most of your models were talking about the year 2100 as when we would REALLY feel the impacts, and hasn’t climate change arrived 100 years sooner than you scientists expected?

To which Hansen deadpans:

…The climate models were not, uh, are more sluggish than the real world has turned out to be.

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One Response to “Video: James Hansen ridiculous claim; climate models ‘sluggish’”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    I am hoping that through connections, I can make an appearance on FORAtv with the host to respond to Hansen’s blathering.

    If FORA has any sense of probity they will do this


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