Jun 17

A guest post on Climate Depot by Geophysicist Dr. David Deming, associate professor of arts and sciences at the University of Oklahoma, who has published numerous peer-reviewed research articles says:

The new scare report issued by the Obama administration refers (reference list) to the work of Stephen H. Schneider six times. You will recall that Schneider is infamous for telling Discover magazine (October, 1989, p. 45-48) that “we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have…each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

Read it all at Climate Depot.

Of course, Al Gore has said that his strategy is virtually identical to Schneider’s:

Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.

Wake up people! It’s a scam!

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2 Responses to “Obama Climate Report quotes six times scientist infamous for saying, ‘we have to offer up scary scenarios…and make little mention of any doubts we might have’”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Steve Schneider, doing his “Rambo” number with an LA Times Reporter:

    “These so-called “skeptics” and so on … they don’t have CLUE about what they’re talking about. Why, if they were in a debate with a real scientist … like Hansen, Mike Mann … or just li’l ole me, these “skeptics” would be SLAUGHTERED in a public debate about climate change … ”

    which prompted emails to Schneider from at least 20 people I know, including me, requesting Schneider respond to invitation to public debate as soon as possible.

    As far as I know, Schneider responded to none of these invitations.

    Steve Schneider, one month later, in an interview with same newsgroup:

    “Perhaps my language was a bit too figurative earlier … I didn’t actually CHALLENGE anyone to debate, I was merely SUGGESTING what would be the result of a debate, and none would do very well, excepting a little PR for some special interests … I don’t do “presidential style, one-on-one” debates where the smartest remark in 15 seconds is taken to “win” such a debate … I would be gald to discuss the issues with anyone, in a Society meeting or something like that, where everyone would have the opportunity to share their views, but I’m not going to “pre-arrange” something of the sort …”


    • Klockarman says:

      Thanks for the tip, Brian. I’ll look up more details on that, and hopefully find some video too.

      I hope you get an opportunity to debate the issue with Schneider, Hansen, or ???

      Again, thanks for reading and your comment.


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