Oct 05

On the other hand, he could be lying.

Watts Up With That?:

Gore links Iowa floods and tornadoes to climate change, but makes a basic error on global temperature to evaporation linkage, plus he misses the real reason behind imagined tornado increases.

[Excerpt: In a recent article in the Des Moines Register, Al ] Gore attributed
the historic floods that devastated Iowa in June to man-made emissions causing
more water to evaporate from oceans, increasing average humidity worldwide. “In
66 of your 99 counties, the flood damage was truly historic.” Gore told the
crowd of 1,000 Democratic donors. “No one has ever seen a flood like this.” Gore
also blamed climate change for increased tornadoes, including the one that
leveled much of Parkersburg earlier this year. “Yes, we’ve always had tornadoes
in Iowa and in Tennessee,” he said. “But they’re coming more frequently and
they’re stronger.”

In my opinion, the biggest error Gore makes is that water vapor in the atmosphere (and water cycle) has a much shorter residence time than his worrisome CO2; days to weeks from evaporation to precipitation, and thus would not be linked to “warming” now, since warming has subsided globally.

Read the entire post here. The comments section is highly recommended, as it seems that Gore is becoming a larger laughingstock as time passes and the temperature continues to go down.

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