Jun 18

From The Wall Street Journal:

Essayist Jamais Cascio certainly deserves credit for creativity and chutzpah in putting forward global geoengineering proposals to cool the planet. Bypassing any further debate regarding the effects of man-made pollution versus normal (and uncontrollable) planetary cycles, Mr. Cascio proposes a stratospheric sulfate injection and pumping seawater into clouds as ways to the slow the Earth’s warming. His planetary-cooling recommendations sound feasible, although he concedes that they may have very undesirable and unknowable side effects.

The most amusing aspect is captured in one of his own questions about climate manipulation: “Would all ‘odd’ weather patterns be ascribed to the geoengineering effort?” It’s amusing in that all of today’s odd weather patterns are ascribed to global warming. The Northeast U.S., which has seen very little sunshine and has experienced abnormally cold temperatures in recent months, is a case in point. The explanation is that global warming causes climate chaos that may produce colder and wetter than normal conditions. As one who prefers warm, sunny weather, I admit that I was a global-warming fan, until it sank in that warming was causing cooling.

Paul Schroer
Bridgeville, Del.

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