Jun 19

John Casey, at The Space and Science Research Center says:

Today, for the first time in over two years, the Director of the Space and Science Research Center in Orlando, Florida, has issued a new prediction of the next climate change intended to emphasize the imminent ill-effects of this new climate period in an important warning to the American people and their leadership in Washington.

According to Center Director John Casey, “The climate change predictions which I started to pass out to our government and media in early 2007 based upon the ‘RC Theory’ have now come to pass, exactly as forecast. Global warming has ended, conclusively, as predicted. The Earth’s average temperature has begun its steep decline within the time frame I said it would. And last but not least, the Sun has entered a state of ‘hibernation’ when I said it would. This new solar period is one of the most amazing events in the history of science. During solar hibernations, the Sun makes significant reductions in output which always, always, brings long cold climates to the Earth. Unbelievably, this historic phenomena is still largely and intentionally unreported by the media and our leaders and therefore unknown by the American people. The new cold climate will usher in global travail that will be amplified specifically because of the catastrophic climate change policies of the administration of President Barack Obama that will leave most citizens unprepared.”

As to when the ill-effects of the new cold climate will be felt, Director Casey added, “The most frequent question I am asked is how soon will it get cold and just how cold? The purpose of this press release is to give the people an answer to that fundamental question in a more refined schedule to plan their adaptation to the next climate change. It is now possible to make an estimate of the timing of the descent into the next cold climate depths based upon the past behavior of the these solar cycles that have ruled the Earth for at least the last 1,200 years. The forecast of these major cold eras and solar hibernations associated with these cycles shows them to be accurate to over 90% using the RC Theory. The good news is that the SSRC will do what ever it can to get this information out even though our own government will not.”

Hat tip: Climate Depot

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5 Responses to “Report: ‘Coldest Weather in 100 Years to Strike by 2012’”

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    Hey, Catlin Research Team! Got a BIG BIG opportunity for ya.

    Your last little jaunt up to the North Pole to visit Santa very likely dressed in Bermuda shorts didn’t come off as easily or as well as Prince Chucklehead promised – he thought the place was ice-free in April, I guess he got London mixed up with the North Pole.

    Well now, here’s you chance to get level with folks who might have “snickered” at what they may have (callously) perceived as your “poor judgment”.

    Here we have some bozo amateur “scientist,” John Casey, claiming pretty miserable winters for the next few years!

    The HECK with THAT, right? Everbody brighter than a platypus knows that the Earth is on fire, and here’s your opportunity to demonstrate what a total fraud that John Casey is.

    Next April – just dog-sled up the Arctic wearing your Designer Ski Wear, bring your scuba outfits and your Bermuda shorts, and teach those idiot Alarmists like John Casey a lesson they won’t forget!

    ha ha – you’ll teach those deniers and fools what the word “feckless” is all about!


  2. Karl says:

    I see this report from the SSRC as alarmism from the other side. It’s not constructive or useful in heading off the AGW lunacy. Are we heading for cooling? Quite possibly. Are we heading for a “new cold climate? Probably not. Why trumpet the worst case scenario? We “climate realists” bristle at Gore and Hansen’s similar tactics.


    • Klockarman says:

      I agree with you. I’m obviously no global warming alarmist, but I don’t consider myself a global cooling alarmist either. As I’ve posted before on this blog, my philosophy is que sera, sera.

      I almost didn’t post that report, but I went with it anyway as something for readers to consider.


  3. […] then that the nation has lowered emissions more than most signatory countries. Global warming or global cooling? I report, you decide. A simple flow-chart to determine if cap and bend-over taxes are necessary. […]


  4. KoolKlimetKat says:

    In viewing the May SC24 update, I wonder if this solar cycle is about to truncate?
    Have to wait another month and see how it goes. My take with the CO2 is that over land there will be a slight warming but the net effect of increasing CO2 over ocean is one of cooling. So, world wide, as CO2 increases, we will see air temps increase over land but ocean waters will cool. Of course, the stratosphere will cool as it follows the sun. I am not a climate expert, just my take right now, tomorrow, I may think differently.


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