Jun 24

Shameful, and yet I’m not surprised.  This from the same people who promised us “transparency”, and science over ideology.

CEI is on the case.

Hat tip: Watts Up With That?

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One Response to “EPA buries internal critique of the agency’s GHG stance!”

  1. Oregon Perspective says:

    This critique is from Alan Carlin, an economist at EPA, not a climate scientist.

    Carlin argues that there are cheaper ways to reduce global temperatures than through reduction of CO2 emissions. He does not argue (or claim the credentials to argue) that global temperatures are not increasing or that CO2 is not the cause of that increase.

    He argues that there may be cheaper short-term solutions to those increases than reduction of further emissions. Most economists and climate scientists would agree. But those other solutions have their own risks, and so are not currently recommended.


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