Jun 29

That Marc-Morano-smearer, Joe Romm, is at it again.   Romm, has gained quite a reputation for spouting off with what Al Gore would call an, ahem, “…over-representation of factual presentions on how dangerous it [anthropogenic global warming] is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are….”

In the New York Times today, Paul Krugman said of the congressmen who voted against Waxman-Markey that their action (or inaction) was akin to “treason against the planet”.

The Morano-smearer, Joe Romm, agrees with this sentiment saying that his own hyperbolic language may be “too mild”:

Some have asked whether I’m using too-tough language against those devoted to delaying or blocking action needed to stop catastrophic global warming.  Actually, most of the time I think it is too mild….

And so it seems that the Morano-smearer thinks it might be necessary to kick up the hyperbole a notch:

…the times this blog gets bluntest are when I think about how future generations will speak about us if we fail to spend the tiny amount of our vast wealth needed to prevent their decades and centuries of incalculable misery — see “Intro to climate economics: Why even strong climate action has such a low total cost — one tenth of a penny on the dollar.”  They won’t be calling us “The Greatest Generation.”  They will be cursing our name as “The Greediest Generation,” as the Bernie Madoffs of the global Ponzi scheme we created to enrich ourselves unsustainably at their expense.

The Morano-smearer, Joe Romm, says that the solutions to this non-existent problem will only cost a “tiny amount of our vast wealth” to solve his imagined problem.  BS! President Obama has already said during his presidential campaign that his cap and trade program would cause our electricity bills to “necessarily skyrocket“.

But, you go Joe! Knock yourself out! And when the fraud of man-made global warming is exposed for all to see I hope you are held as an accessory to the crime of perpetrating a fraud on the American people.

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2 Responses to “Romm burns: Claims that if we don’t prevent “decades and centuries of incalculable misery”, future generations “will be cursing our name as ‘The Greediest Generation'””

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    That a–hole Romm is so far out of it, there is no point in mentioning him or discussing anything that comes out of his mouth.


  2. […] Romm is worried, nay, terrified (his usual state) that we will be remembered as the ‘greediest generation’.  It’s more likely that it will be remembered as the ‘Age of Stupid’ when people […]


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