Jun 30

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7 Responses to “Video: Censored EPA employee, Alan Carlin, appears on Fox & Friends”

  1. Oregon Perspective says:

    Alan Carlin is an economist at EPA, not a climate scientist.

    He argues that there are cheaper ways to reduce global temperatures that through reduction of CO2 emissions. He does not argue (or have the credentials to argue) that global temperatures are not increasing, or that CO2 is not the cause of that increase.

    He argues that there may be cheaper short-term solution to those increases than reduction of further emissions. Most economist and climate scientists would agree. But those other solutions have their own risks, and so are not currently, recommended.


  2. Brian Carter says:

    Does it take a PhD to read a thermometer? Mr. Carlin is citing the work of a great many PhD’s. Here they are:


    Again, ad hominim attacks. This is what you do when you have no evidence
    to back up your assertions. Did you read Mr. Carlins’ report? Here it is.


    The alarmists have no evidence whatsoever. They have only climate models which have been completely wrong about every prediction they have made, including the 11 years of cooling seen in satellite data.


  3. Paul says:

    Oregon Perspective, most economists,climate scientists, and informed citizens do not agree….

    * The planet is cooling; global warming stopped in 1998.

    * There is no correlation between man-made CO2 emissions and global temps except for the brief time period between 1975-1998.

    * There is no actual evidence of man-made global warming. It is just a theory based on faulty computer simulations.

    * Are you one of those people who think only NFL players can comment on football? That only someone who is a economist can comment on economics? That only women can comment on women?

    * There is no consensus among scientists, even those on the IPCC panel.

    * The planet is not warmer now than ever before.

    * CO2 levels are not higher now than ever before.

    * CO2 is a lagging indicator; CO2 levels change AFTER temps change.

    * Why won’t Al Gore or any warmists debate the issue in public? Despite massive profits, fame and the planet at stake, he still refuses. Why?

    * Why did they change it from Global Warming to Climate Change? Because global warming turned out to be false.

    * Did you know over 35 factual errors were found in Al Gore’s movie?

    * Why won’t global warmists ever discuss the science behind this issue? If someone disagrees with them, they respond by trying to discredit them by calling them names and accusing them of being corrupt or inferior.


  4. Eddy Aruda says:

    Jim Hansen is an astronomer at NASA, not a climate scientists and yet he is Al Gore’s science guy. To discredit what Mr. Carlin has to say “because he is not a climate scientists is an appeal to authority (argumentum ad verecundiam.) Of the 2000 plus people in the IPCC’s report only a couple of hundred were climate scientists and the rest were economists, etc. Science is not done by consensus and as Albert Einstein said, “A hundred scientists can be proven wrong by a single fact.”

    If the proponents of anthropogenic global warming are soooo right than why don’t they have a debate on national TV and, once and for all, destroy the skeptics? Oh, thats right, every time they have a real debate they lose!


  5. Greg Goodknight says:

    Carlin has a BS in Physics from the California Institute of Technology, as hard core a science Bachelors degree can be. His Ph.D. in Economics is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also in the top tier of scientific educational institutions. He isn’t trying to perform climate research, but was reporting on climate research by others, and his background is more than adequate for that task.

    The core of the report, assembled in haste, does a good job of summarizing much of the science that has been published contrary to the IPCC status quo.


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  7. Sandra Hyatt says:

    The whole global warming is a sham for people like Al Gore to make Money of of the uneducated. EVERYTHING IN OUR WORLD REVOLVES. If you revolve you go in a circle if you go in a circle you eventualy get back to your beginning. ALFA / OMEGA beginning and end.


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