Jul 01

Just posted this one, and here’s another.  This time, from the Portsmouth (New Hampsire) Herald:

The American Clean Energy and Security Act, otherwise known as the cap and trade bill, must surely be the ultimate expression of collective insanity thus far proposed by this administration.

How could it have come to this? I realize that most of the readers of this paper are fervent members of the Cult of Obama, but didn’t your mother tell you, if a salesman tries to force you into a sale by telling you that you must buy right now, it is probably a lie? Don’t read it, just sign! The world will end unless you sign right now! First, the bank bailout bill, then General Motors and now this. Sound familiar?

How have we come to be so arrogant as to believe we can control the weather? To believe the now proven fraudulent premise that the sun only has a small effect on the Earth’s temperature. Imagine that! To have swallowed the premise of anthological global warming — itself based on a manipulated computer-generated graph that omitted all critical data that would have resulted in its receiving a failing grade on a high school science test — that in itself is a pathetic testimony to the state of public knowledge. Garbage in and garbage out aptly describes the entire climate control fraud.

History majors may have noticed the conspicuous absence of the “mini ice age” or the “Medieval warming period” in Dr. James E. Hansen’s now infamous “hockey stick” graph of temperatures down through history he presented to Congress, and then Sen. Al Gore, in 1988. Probably would have seemed strange to the eighth through 10th century Vikings who settled and farmed Greenland where now only permafrost and moss grows.

In spite of the more than 4,000 reputable scientists who have gone on record to testify that the theory of (man-made) climate change is a hoax, it appears that our learned legislators will put aside common sense and pass this bill. If you do nothing else, please remember who voted for it, from either party, and vote them out in the next elections. I am convinced they are tainted beyond rehabilitation and must be replaced with legislators who value the welfare of the country above their own re-election. I suppose this might not seem important to you right now, but if you can, try to remember this rant this winter when your heating oil, gasoline and food prices go up to pay for the “carbon tax.”

While you are wallowing in all that Democratic Socialism, take a moment to remember who voted for it and how good it makes you feel to be paying more, much more, doing your part to cool the Earth. I know I will.

Dennis Karoleski

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