Jul 01


Anti-cap & trade black ribbon

Via the Houston Tea Party Society:

Cap and Trade will cause energy prices to skyrocket for ALL Americans – and that means the death of industry, small business, growth and prosperity. And THAT means the 1930s are going to look like child’s play when Cap and Trade is done with us.

We have to fight back NOW, before Congress CAPS our prosperity and TRADES our economic freedom away! That’s why we’re announcing:


To participate, all you have to do is purchase black ribbons, fabric, trash bags etc., and from now until the end of the Independence Day weekend, tie them to every light pole, street sign, public utility pole, car antenna that you can, especially things that use power. Targeting areas around heavily trafficked public buildings is best. The black ribbons will spring up all over town almost overnight, and cause people to ask questions.

This will have the potential to spark a hundred thousand conversations about what the Congress is trying to do to us, and why we can’t let the Senate pass it as well.

GORE LIED will participate in this campaign by placing the black ribbon in the upper right hand corner of each post through the end of the Independence Day holiday weekend, with an embedded link to the Houston Tea Party Society.

Hat tip: @LastDaysPhoto

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2 Responses to “Anti-cap and trade black ribbon campaign begins”

  1. Gore'd says:

    There is a consensus by all ecconomist that the passage of this bill means the end of the american ecconomy and prosperity only to Al Gore and his friends.


    • Klockarman says:


      Thanks for your comment. Makes sense to me, but the only problem with your logic is that Gore et al don’t give a damn about any other consensus except their own.

      Thanks for reading the blog, and come back soon.


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