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Anti-cap & trade black ribbon

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for The Daily Bayonet to skewer the clueless Warmers once again:

Al Gore blogged, Bollywood rocked and maybe John DeLorean was a genius.

All this and hippie-mocking goodness galore in your July 4th weekend roundupalooza.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Global Warming Profiteer Prophet Al Gore had a busy week.  The Goreacle brushed off an inconvenient snub when his usual playmates asked him not to come to their party, and used the opportunity to blog to the masses.

Al proclaimed to his sheeple that they had a crucial part to play in the Waxman-Malarkey vote.  To be more accurate they will have more to do after its passage, like getting a 2nd job to pay for the increased taxes on their first job.  Until both jobs only exist in China.

Al is all about the GreenAl is all about the Green

Al promised that the climate bill will only cost them the same as a postage stamp a day and that green jobs would magically drop from the sky.  Spain? What about Spain?  Oh, I see.  Shut Up!

There is something wrong with the math in the ‘cost of a postage stamp’ comparison, which the USPS will fix by increasing the price of each stamp to $7.00.

Once the voting was done and Waxman was over the gall of minority leaders Boehner wanting to expose the detail of his cap and bend-over bill, The Goreacle appeared and Al made his official statement and immediately pushed the Senate to pass the bill.  Al is worried that because Exxon has spent $9.3 million lobbying congress that his own $300 million might not be enough.

Not to forget Canada’s own climate hysteric, David Suzuki, he came in for some mockery over some TV ads he’s appeared in.

Worth far more mockery is a much older TV appearance.  Viewer warning, the clip below features unedited hippies in a commune-type environment listening to a younger Suzuki talking, well, balls.

That Suzuki video is just priceless.

And for more priceless clicking fun, you’ll have to leave here, and transport yourself to The Daily Bayonet for Part 2 through 5.  Don’t miss Part 5, there’s a beautiful global hottie waiting for you.

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