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Anti-cap and trade black ribbon

Anti-cap & trade black ribbon

From The Oregonian:

Paul Krugman is the latest to suggest that anyone who dissents from the orthodox scientific view on global warming is not just mistaken but irresponsible, traitorous and yes, immoral — in short, a heretic (“Committing treason against the whole planet,” June 30).

This is about as unscientific a view as I can imagine and smacks of nothing so much as the church’s earlier attempts to silence those who disagreed with its interpretation of the Bi

However, Krugman is right on when he compares the threat of global warming to the Bush administration’s fear-mongering regarding terrorism.

Global warming is essentially a politically motivated behavior-change device. The only reason predictions have recently become more dire is that the less dire predictions failed to scare people into action. This is both unnecessary and silly. Lowering carbon emissions is a no-brainer and shouldn’t require resorting to junk science and apocalyptic rhetoric.

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