Oct 15

That’s apparently correct for Canada, so let’s hope that holds elsewhere.

The Daily Bayonet commenting on last night’s Canadian elections:

It’s true, carbon taxes kill electoral success more effectively than even John Kerry.
The best news to come out of
Stephane Dion’s ignominious defeat last night is that it will be the end of the nonsensical carbon tax.

In Spring 2009, British Columbians will go to the polls and will throw out the Liberal government that forced a carbon tax on them. The winner of that election will be the party that promises to end the unpopular tax. That BC election will be the final nail in the coffin of carbon taxes, in any form, in Canada.

The world of politics is a small one, and other countries will have watched the Canadian results with interest because Dion was the vanguard for carbon tax as headline policy. As the world watched Dion fail, expect many other nation’s leftist parties start pushing the green agenda to the back of the bus, if not under it. I predict much more greenwashing and far less actual green policy in the future.

Global warming is a good enough scam to make Al Gore rich, but it’s not good enough to fool electorates.

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