Jul 18

Republican Mike Castle (who voted for the climate bill) has some angry constituents who are more angry about Castle’s cap and trade vote.

Apparently this town hall meeting was a discussion on Congress’ proposed bill to socialize health care, but, at least from this video, that the crowd mob was more interested in venting about the climate bill, and Castle’s vote for it.

Bonus: Castle gets booed by the crowd when he says he believes in AGW, and he admits his office received more calls against the climate bill than for it.

It’s encouraging to see this level of emotion from the crowd.

Hat tip: Watts Up With That

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5 Responses to “At a health care town hall, angry voters confront congressman on the climate bill: ‘I can’t understand for the life of me how you could be one of the Republican traitors!’”

  1. Klem says:

    I’m glad to see constituants speaking their mind. This Castle fellow is paying the price. Make sure the Senate knows that support for Cap&trade is dead.

    As Al Gore stated just a few weeks ago, Cap&trade is the first step toward Global Governance. In other words, C&T will eventually become the world’s first global tax system with the UN is the governing body utilizing the revenues. So the truth comes out. And Obama is in favor of this? Why did I vote for him, I forget. I won’t forget next time.


  2. U NO HOO says:

    Mike Castle, weren’t you paying attention in science class when they explained how cold and warm sodas work?


  3. sesails says:

    I hope and pray that this guy is fired soon. He’s been there FAR TOO LONG.


  4. Bye bye birdie says:

    When he doesn’t listen to his constitutients, he can expect to be voted out of office. There are many that will be voted out, Perhaps it might be you, Mr Castle?


  5. Bye bye birdie says:

    Oh, by the way. When, not if, but WHEN Mr. Castle is voted out of office, will he keep his great medical insurance, or will he have to depend on the garbage that he are trying to force on us?
    Is it governments job to force anything on us?

    When did we stop being a FREE country?


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