Jul 30

The Daily Bayonet’s Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up is back, and it’s better than ever:

It’s been a couple of weeks since you were rounded-up, so pay attention.

The climate crisis is the only crisis in history to have an identity crisis – find out the new and improved official name for Gaia’s impending fiery death and much, much more in this week’s round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore was recently in Australia, the land down under.  He took time to meet with 1,000 activists, business leaders and scientists to launch something he likes to call Safe Climate Australia.  Frankly, on a continent that has as many natural deadly creatures as Australia, the climate is pretty much a non-issue.  Seriously, A Taipan snake, or some warm weather?  You figure it out.

zombie steve and a taipan snakezombie steve and a taipan snake

Al failed to meet with Aussie Senator Fielding, a recent convert to the skeptic camp, but he did have time to meet Gimli from the Lord of the Rings, which was nice  (you’ll need to click to get the jape).

The Goreacle was so excited by a magazine article that he blogged about it.  Unfortunately the article that Al found so stimulating didn’t start “Dear Penthouse..”, but it did contain alarmist pr0n:

“Picture the scene: in downtown New York City, all-electric cars glide through streets in a zero-emission transport revolution. Polluting, inefficient gasoline and diesel vehicles are nowhere to be seen – or heard. The only things getting in the way of these smooth, noiseless vehicles are the horse-drawn trams.”

Any skeptical scientist knows that their work will be discredited by Al Gore and his acolytes if they so much as accept a free glass with a tank of gas from an oil company, but green lobby money is no problem.  Just ask Al.

We’ll wrap this section with some of my favorite red meat: green on green action.  The folks at Treehugger are upset because perennial hippie and totalitarian tool David Suzuki doesn’t give reforestation a big enough bong hit of lurve as a carbon offset program.  Poor things.

GWHWRU veterans know that this is just the beginning, but budding skeptics who are GWHWRU virgins are in for a surprise: Your journey only has just begun. There’s four more parts to go. But, there’s a nice treat for waiting for you in Part 5. Now, go enjoy the rest of your journey at The Daily Bayonet.

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