Sep 09

hybrid only

Yesterday, my day job brought me to the Clackamas County Transportation and Development Department in Oregon City, Oregon.  Upon pulling into the parking lot the first thing I noticed was that the twenty-one parking spaces in the front row (closest to the building) were all smugly labeled, “HYBRID ONLY“.  Conspicuously missing were the handicapped parking spaces normally found closest to the front door.  I chuckled when I saw one brazen scofflaw who had parked a Harley in one of the spots reserved for hybrids.

But, I digress.  This might be just the beginning. Next will be fully eco-segregated parking lots.   Electric vehicles and hybrids will be given the preferred parking as they are now, mid-MPG vehicl would be directed to park in the middle of the lot, and the SUV’s, Hummers, and other assorted high-MPG vehicles relegated to the “back forty” (“We’ll show them!”). Following this bigoted logic yet further, it would only be a matter of time before the SUV drivers would be forced to drink out of different drinking fountains than hybrid drivers, and if they can be compelled to ride buses, would be forced to sit in the back of the bus.

But this is just wrong.  If our society’s goal, as the left has asserted, is to sincerely promote “equality”, “fairness”, and “diversity”, would it not be more appropriate to adopt affirmative action policies that will have as their goal to make each section of the parking lot look like the rest of the parking lot?

Also, the eco-bigots that implemented this discriminatory policy have got this exactly backwards anyway.  Since CO2=plant food, the Hummers, pick-ups, and SUV’s should be given the preferred parking up front as they are emitting more CO2, thereby increasing both the plant growth and crop yields that will help to feed the world.

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2 Responses to “Eco-segregated parking: Front row of parking at government office deemed ‘HYBRID ONLY’”

  1. Todd Wynn says:

    I have seen these other places too. In D.C., ….I believe it was outside of the WWF headquarters, they had spaces only for “Environmentally Friendly Vehicles”.

    Most irrationally minded environmentalists think of sustainability as the minimal use of resources. Ahhhh….if the hybrid drivers were only aware of the massive use of resources to make the batteries and the associated technology.

    Rare earth metals are being stripped from mines all across the world to make these supposed “sustainable” vehicles.


  2. bcronos says:

    Ha! I grew up in Portland and I know exactly where this is. In the 60’s and well into the 70’s Portland was a wonderful place to live. Then the local Portland area govt’s started down a liberal slippery slope – killing the logging industry over a bird, billions on a train system that nobody uses, eliminating parking downtown, etc. Now Oregon is always the hardest hit and last state to recover from economic downturns because of political correctness. Well, at least they can feel good about themselves while they watch the unemployment rates rise and tax revenues decrease…


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