Nov 18

climate justiceAlthough the The Oregonian doesn’t report that green activists were responsible, the message the taggers left leaves no doubt:

Vandals defaced Keller Auditorium this morning, just hours before former Vice President Al Gore is scheduled to appear to talk about global warming.

Graffiti was sprayed on two exterior walls and on  stairs. Among the messages: “Don’t buy false solutions,” and “Climate Justice Not CO2 Trading.”

Rallies — both anti- and pro-Gore — are planned for downtown Portland today.

“Climate Justice”, of course, is another word for a centrally-planned economy based upon junk science.

Undoubtedly, The Goracle’s congregation will try to pin this vandalism on man-made global warming skeptics.

Add these green activists to the list of groups protesting Al Gore today from the left and right.


More evidence that leftists are the perps: KPTV is reporting that another spray painted message said, “Change the system, not your light bulbs.”

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4 Responses to “Green activists vandalize Portland auditorium hours before Al Gore’s speech; spray paint ‘Climate Justice, Not CO2 Trading’”

  1. Robert of Ottawa says:

    This falls into the “Reap what you sow” category.


  2. JohnnieOil says:

    we can only hope this awareness of the lies behind AGW, CO2 taxes and Cap & scam is the begining of the fast death of this garbage. It is just too rewarding to see these eco-moonie morons begining to fight amoung themselves, their failed logic and fascist style fear mongering are starting to fall on deaf ears as the general public is getting sick and tired of the lie, keep up the good fight!


  3. Just Me says:

    You know what would be cool, if the vandals came back the next day and cleaned the mess. Would have been great if they used water soluble spray paint which would wash off.

    Disagreeing with Gore is fine, but why stoop to vandalism? Everyone who attended should pitch in to pay for the removal.

    People will forget the reason for the demonstration but will remember the vandalism.


    • Klockarman says:

      Yeah, I wish they had come back to clean it up – so the police could arrest them, and throw their butts in jail. Water soluble paint? Sure – when pigs fly.

      Thanks for reading the blog.


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