Nov 19

I’m in that crowd somewhere.

There were 200 protesters at Gore’s Boca Raton appearance a few days ago, and around 500 at this one, i.e. about 400 around the stage at the American’s for Prosperity Hot Air Tour event, and at least another 100 walking around on the sidewalks on the perimeter of the park carrying anti-Gore/anti-cap and trade signs. The Greenpeace activists seemed a bit surprised/perturbed that they had vocal opposition in their presence.

The backlash against Al Gore is building!

Tomorrow I’ll post some of my own photos I shot at the rally/protest – so watch this space.

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8 Responses to “Video: 500+/- anti-Al Gore and anti-cap and trade protesters chant, ‘Al Gore’s a liar!’, outside auditorium in Portland where Al Gore appeared tonight”

  1. […] Video: 500+/- anti-Al Gore and anti-cap and trade protesters chant, ‘Al Gore’s a liar!&#… Nov 19 […]


  2. bill-tb says:

    Al Gore the lying science guy, the cover of his new book includes massive fraudulent science photo-shopping


  3. Derrick says:

    Great job! I love it!
    I posted a link to the video on my site and added you to my blogroll.
    Keep up the great work my friends!


  4. TERRY S. says:

    Margaret; You guys are doing a wonderful job at bringing out the news that really counts. Al Bore is a liar, that will gain greatly if this Crap-and-Tax bill passes.


    • Klockarman says:

      Thanks for your comment, and for reading the blog, but who is Margaret?


      • papertiger says:

        Don’t know man, but at this point I think you just roll with it.

        Way I see it there’s so many people yelling, there had to be a Margaret in there.

        Thing to do – turn on the winamp and run Thunderstruck (AC~DC) as the soundtrack behind your video….


  5. CHRI$ DODD says:



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