Nov 19

Here’s some photos I shot last night at the downtown Portland anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade Hot Air Tour rally hosted by Americans for Prosperity, as I noted on the video I posted here:

There were 200 protesters at Gore’s Boca Raton appearance a few days ago, and around 500 at this one – about 400 around the stage at the American’s for Prosperity Hot Air Tour event, and at least another 100 walking around on the sidewalks on the perimeter of the park carrying anti-Gore/anti-cap and trade signs. The Greenpeace activists seemed a bit surprised/perturbed that they had vocal opposition in their presence.The backlash against Al Gore is building!


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One Response to “My photo album from anti-Al Gore/anti-cap and trade rally last night in Portland”

  1. Just Me says:

    They need a good speech writer(s). Delivery was OK, but content lacked focus. Might want to review some of President Clinton’s and President Obama’s speeches.

    Also needed a beginning/closing punch line that everyone would remember and offer a great sound bite to news media – King’s “I had a dream” comes to mind. Give the media some good sound bites and they will happily show the protest even if they disagree.


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