Nov 06

This is a five-part video series featuring Danish scientist Henrik Svensmark, author of The Chilling Stars.

Svensmark’s has researched the effects that cosmic rays have on cloud formation. His theories contradict Al Gore and the IPCC’s theory of an anthropogenic cause for the global warming we experienced in the latter part of the 20th century. Therefore, Svensmark has been ignored by the climate alarmists.


“Instead of thinking of clouds as a result of the climate, it’s actually showing that the climate is a result of the clouds, because the clouds take their orders from the stars.”

This is GORE LIED must-see-TV. The videos are in order from top-to-bottom – #1 is on top & #5 is on the bottom.

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One Response to “Five part video series: Henrik Svensmark discusses his pioneering research on cosmic rays, cloud formation and global warming”

  1. Chillguy33 says:

    Great job, Klockarman.

    Al Gore’s big lie is today an excuse to replace capitalism and free markets with government bureaucratic control. Gore Lied does humanity a great service by exposing the most pernicious hoax in world history.



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