Nov 23

If it was indeed an insider whistleblower, Jones, Briffa, Kelly, and some others could be crossed off of this CRU staff list, but who knows what lurks in the hearts of the others?

Hmmm, I’d put my money on Mr. Mike Salmon, just because he’s the IT guy.  But, if it’s hard to get in contact with Salmon to inquire about this matter, it’s probably because he’s being water-boarded by Jones and Briffa.

Or, perhaps it is Mr. Ian (Harry) Harris whose duty among other things is, wait for it – “data manipulation”! (Hat tip to eagle-eyed commenter, JasonR)

If the leaker/whistleblower is one of the CRU staff members listed below, it seems that they may enjoy protection under the UK’s Public Interest Disclosure Act of 1998, which was enacted to protect whistleblowers.


(photo) Prof. Phil Jones RoomCRU1.06 Phone2090

(Publications) Instrumental climate change, paleoclimatology

Deputy Director

(photo) Prof. Keith Briffa RoomCRU1.03 Phone3909

(Publications) Dendroclimatology, palaeoclimate and recent climate change

Research Manager

(photo) Dr. Clare Goodess RoomCRU01.02 Phone2875

(Publications) also Senior Research Associate: regional climate change and scenarios, extremes, long-term climate change

Academic Staff

(photo) Dr. Saffron O’Neill RoomCRU1.02 Phone3044

(Publications) Course tutor for the MSc Climate Change. Societal attitudinal and behavioural engagement with climate change, science-society interactions, climate impacts on ‘icons’

(photo) Dr. Tim Osborn RoomCRU1.04 Phone2089

(Publications) Climate modelling, climate variability, climate/weather extremes, palaeoclimate, future climate scenarios

Senior Research Staff

(photo) Dr. Maureen Agnew RoomCRU0.03 Phone2318

(Publications) CIRCE project; Social impacts of climate variability and change

(photo) Dr. Dimitrios Efthymiadis RoomCRU01.01 Phone2091

(Publications) ECOCHANGE project; Regional climate variability

(photo) Dr. Colin Harpham RoomCRU0.02 Phone3857

(Publications) Downscaling precipitation using statistical models and artificial neural networks, stochastic weather generators

(photo) Dr. Alexey Karpechko RoomCRU0.02 Phone3857

(Publications) Southern Hemisphere climate change associated with the Southern Annular Mode; interactions between stratospheric ozone and atmospheric circulation

(photo) Dr. Douglas Maraun RoomCRU0.02 Phone3857

(Publications) Time series analysis, extreme value statistics, analysis of precipitation extremes

(photo) Dr. Tom Melvin RoomCRU02.03 Phone3161

(Publications) Historical growth rates and changing climate sensitivity of boreal conifers

Research Staff

(photo) Mr. Ian (Harry) Harris RoomCRU0.05 Phone3818

(Publications) Dendroclimatology, climate scenario development, data manipulation and visualisation, programming

(photo) Mr. David Lister RoomCRU0.05 Phone3818

(Publications) Meteorological time-series throughout the instrumental period. Climatic variability and its effects

Visiting Fellows

(photo) Dr. Ben Brabson

(Publications) (Indiana University) Extreme winds

(photo) Dr. Manola Brunet

(Publications) Climatic data archeology and analysis of climate variability and change

(photo) Dr. Andrew Dlugolecki

(Publications) Climate change and insurance

(photo) Dr. Nathan Gillett

(Publications) Optimal detection of climate change using multiple-models and variables other than temperature; the Arctic Oscillation and its response to anthropogenic forcing; the influence of ozone depletion on Southern Hemisphere climate

(photo) Prof. Mike Hulme RoomZIC1.22 Phone3162

(Publications) Director of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research ; Climate models and climate change scenarios, global precipitation, desertification, Africa

(photo) Dr. Mick Kelly

(Publications) Causes of climatic change, instrumental climate change, climate change and sustainable development

(photo) Mr. John Kington

(Publications) Climatic change and historical climatology: member of the EURO-CLIMHIST team reconstructing past circulation patterns

(photo) Prof. Jean Palutikof Phone+61 7 5552 7734

(Publications) Director of NCCARF, Griffith University. Adapting to climate change in Australia: strategies and policy responses

(photo) Dr. Sarah Raper RoomCRU1.04 Phone2089

(Publications) Climate modelling

(photo) Dr. Mike Thorne

(Publications) Radioactive waste management

(photo) Prof. Tom Wigley

(Publications) Honorary Professor (ENV); Climate change, climate modelling. (currently working with National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado)

(photo) Dr. Clive Wilkinson

RECLAIM project (RECovery of Logbooks And International Marine Data), NOAA Climate Database Modernization Program

Associate Fellows

(photo) Dr. Mansour Almazroui

Identifying Climatic Patterns of Saudi Arabia using large scale circulation data and the influence of teleconnection indices on the local climate

(photo) Dr. Declan Conway Phone2337

(Publications) Climate variability and change and water resources

(photo) Dr. Malcolm Haylock

(Publications) Rainfall and temperature climate extremes, climate predictability

(photo) Dr. Tom Holt

(Publications) Numerical modelling, climate change impacts, storms, risk analysis

(photo) Dr. Sarah Keeley

(Publications) Influence of Ozone depletion on Southern Hemisphere climate, trends in modes of atmospheric variability, model uncertainty and prediction

(photo) Dr. Thomas Kleinen

(Publications) Sensitivity study “Little Ice Age”, climate modeling, integrated assessment, nonlinear feedbacks

(photo) Dr. Astrid Ogilvie

(Publications) Historical climatology, Iceland

Dr. Bo Vinther

(Publications) Climatic interpretation of high resolution Greenland ice core data

(photo) Dr. Craig Wallace

(Publications) Modulation of the seasonal cycle by climate change

Support Staff

(photo) Ms. Sylvia Sheppard RoomCRU0.04 Phone2722

Administrative Assistant

(photo) Dr. Janice Darch RoomSCI0.24 Phone2994

Research Administrator

(photo) Mr. Alan Ovenden RoomENV3.19 Phone2556

CRU Librarian (part-time), ENV Map Curator

(photo) Mr. Mike Salmon RoomCRU0.02a Phone1658

(Publications) IT Manager

Postgraduate students

(photo) Mr. Simon Busby RoomCRU01.03 Phone3808

(Publications) Patterns and causes of drought in the U.S. over the last 1000 years (Keith Briffa)

(photo) Mr. Richard Cornes RoomCRU02.02 Phone3161

Developing series of pressure records from early meteorological data: extending the North Atlantic Oscillation time series (Phil Jones)

(photo) Ms. Johanna Forster RoomCRU02.02 Phone3161

Assessing impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystems and tourism-dependent economies (Andrew Watkinson)

(photo) Mr. Chris Gooch RoomCRU01.04 Phone2702

Spatial-temporal statistical modelling of regional precipitation and temperature extremes (Phil Jones)

(photo) Ms. I Chien Lai RoomCRU01.04 Phone2702

Implications of long distance transport of air pollutants, local synoptic weather patterns and climate change in the East Asia area (Peter Brimblecombe)

(photo) Ms. Sally Lampkin RoomCRU02.05 Phone2235

Human drivers for individuals who are highly motivated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (Simon Gerrard)

(photo) Mr. Huy Luong Quang RoomCRU01.04 Phone2702

Climate change impacts, socio-economic scenarios, sustainable development (Irene Lorenzoni)

(photo) Mr. James Screen RoomCRU01.03 Phone3808

(Publications) Southern Ocean coupled atmosphere-ocean-ice response to recent climate change (Nathan Gillett)

(photo) Mr. Ian Simpson RoomCRU01.05 Phone2702

Precipitation variability across the UK on daily to annual timescales: observations and climate model simulations (Phil Jones)

(photo) Mr. Jorge L. Vazquez-Aguirre RoomCRU02.02 Phone3161

(Publications) Climate variability and change, climate services and applications, climate datasets (Phil Jones)

(photo) Ms. Jessica Vial RoomCRU02.05 Phone2235

Assessing impacts of future changes in blocking activity on extremes weather events with global warming scenarios (Tim Osborn)

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30 Responses to “If the CRU leak was an inside whistleblower, here’s the line-up of potential suspects heroes”

  1. JasonR says:

    Ian Harris, data manipulation, should start by manipulating himself a less suggestive job description.

    I also couldn’t help noticing not a single black face. The CRU is hideously white.


    • Klockarman says:

      “Data manipulation”. Ah, I shall amend the post.


    • Tom says:

      Possibly because, like all bigots, you only see what you want to see. I spotted two Chinese and a Saudi without really trying. Admittedly not “black”, but not “white” either, to use your outmoded and racist categories. You can also see that CRU is extremely cosmopolitan, much more so than your average university department. Even you should be able to surmise that this aspect of CRU regularly lends itself to non-Caucasian students and researchers.


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  3. sdcougar says:

    You did not include the janitor.


  4. MattS says:

    You should put some odds out there on who the whistle blower might have been.


  5. JasonR says:

    “Dr. Mansour Almazroui – Identifying Climatic Patterns of Saudi Arabia”



  6. Tony says:

    Who funds the Hadley CRU ?


  7. Brian Carter says:

    Who funds Hadley CRU? Are you kidding me? You do, and every living breathing tax-payer in the civilized world does.


  8. Ponsonby says:

    Hell’s teeth, they’re all ugly weirdos. Dysgenic looks must be a requirement to attend EUA in Norwich, where men are men and the sheep are panic stricken. For example, Ian Simpson who measures precipitation variability across the UK on daily to annual timescales: observations and climate model simulations. Baaaah!


  9. Dubl says:

    My guess is Dr. Dimitrios Efthymiadis.

    The greeks invented democracy millennia ago. Any self-respecting greek would hate to see democracy trampled on the way this agenda would have it…


  10. AlGoreScam says:

    Everybody please email these folks and tell them your thoughts. You don’t need to be rude or hostile. Just explain to them that this scientific fraud disgusts you. It’s important that these people hear from the citizens of the world and not just their cloistered “scientific” colleagues.


    • Klockarman says:

      But keep in mind one of those pasty white faces might be the leaker/hero. Perhaps time will tell.


  11. JasonR says:

    Let’s put this Hadley CRU thing to bed. The Met Office’s Hadley Centre is a separate body to the CRU, although they do jointly produce temperature data sets such as HadCRUT. I believe Anthony Watts mistakenly conflated the two at the start of Climategate and it kicked on from there.


  12. Harbinger says:

    I found this as well, but having read it again here, I noticed the name Jean Pautikof. I knew she was at CRU and then the Met Office but note she has now become involved in Australia but is described as a visiting fellow at CRU.

    Here’s her background. She is now transplanting the CRU ethos to this new Institute in Australia. This happens a lot, eg Diane Liverman, a Stephen Schneider pupil and Head of the Climate Change Institute at Oxford, has recently jointly formed a new Climate Institute at the University of Arizona, with none other than Jonathan Overpeck, now receiving rave reviews in the CRU “e-mails you wish you hadn’t sent” production. She is described at the Oxford web site as “on leave of absence” but still named as head of the unit. Probably getting paid from both.

    Note that Tom Wigley is also a visiting fellow at CRU. Here’s a historical list: It shows how long some of these people have been there. It also shows Ben Santer and Tom Wigley were both there working with Phil Jones in the 70’s-80’s. Nice old boys club.


    • Klockarman says:

      I’m going to go off topic on my own blog, but since you brought up Stephen Schneider, I can’t resist.

      Here’s some video of Schneider’s inconvenient appearance on the 1970’s TV show hosted by Spock/Leonard Nimoy, In Search Of…The Coming Ice Age.

      It’s the #2 most popular post ever on this blog. Enjoy:


  13. Harbinger says:

    JasonR: We know Hadley is separate to CRU but they are extremely close (not in miles) and staff seem interchangeable at times, as with CRU and Tyndall. For all intents and purposes they use the same data and share the same agenda. People never leave these institutions, they are re-absorbed into one of the other organisations. The dates are their CRU dates, now at Had/met. Note Palutikof again.

    John Caesar Sep. ’98 – Aug. ’02 Hadley Centre, Met. Office, UK
    Jonathan Gregory Nov. ’89 – Nov. ’90 Hadley Centre, UK and Uni. of Reading, UK
    Clair Hanson Oct. ’97 – Dec ’05 Met Office, Exeter, UK
    Jean Palutikof Aug. ’79 – Mar. ’04 Met Office, Exeter, UK
    Peter Thorne Oct. ’98 – Sep. ’01 Hadley Centre, Met Office, UK


  14. Richard says:

    My money is on Dr. Mike Thorne, ironically Radioactive Waste Management.


  15. B Buckner says:

    It must be the Russian, Karpechko, working for state oil interests.


  16. Nat L says:

    I wonder if these “experts” feel any shame in possibly fueling the continuation of starvation and depriving the third world of any hope of ever having lives remotely resembling ours of the early 1900’s? Amazing what all the hopes of enormous new “funding” will do to otherwise pretty smart people… Let the debate finally begin.. I think there will be “consensus” for that….


  17. Brian says:

    Every single one of them should be tried for fraud and put in jail for life. They need to be made an example of for lying to the people of this world. I have no sympathy for any of these crooks for the outright disregard they have shown. They should be made to pay back every single penny with interest for the grants of our money they were given. They should be barred from ever touching a computer and working in the scientific community again. I can’t even imagine what damage they have done to the world economy with their lies. I hope every single business that has been impacted by their actions sues the UN and each scientist involved. I have always believed this was a lie, now we have proof. This makes the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme pale in comparison to the level of corruption in every country. Any politicians and individuals involved should “ALL” go to jail.


  18. Stephen says:

    Someone asked who funded the UAE CRU?

    At the bottom of this page is a list of unders – mostly UK and EU Quangos with some US orgs and even private companies.

    So I’d guess as a UK taxpayer I’m paying plenty for the spin and disinformation.



  19. Stephen says:

    Sorry, the link is here:



  20. Craig Goodrich says:

    My vote would be for someone who grew up in the Lakes District, the Scottish Highlands, or central Wales and has been secretly outraged for years over their being turned into wind turbine wastelands by the greedy financiers exploiting “renewable energy” mandates, subsidies, and tax breaks.


  21. twawki says:

    I dont understand how any of these are still in jobs or at least not suspended pending further investigation. As they have been exposed as fudging the figures on a trillion dollar industry then wouldn’t it demand some sort of immediate action!


  22. jw says:

    Government scum can’t make decisions. This is why they hold endless evacuation training sessions so that they don’t become paralyzed in the event of a fire trying to make up their mind what escape route to take.
    It will take years for them to get fired and worse, many months for them to reveal that their investigation was stalled because they forgot what it was they were supposed to investigate.


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