Nov 23

Alarmist extraordinaire Joe Romm initially observed and diagnosed the malady Anti-Science Syndrome (ASS), but turned out to be woefully wrong:

One tell-tale symptom of ASS is that a website or a writer focuses their climate attacks on non-scientists. If that non-scientist is Al Gore, this symptom alone may be definitive.

The other key symptoms involve the repetition of long-debunked denier talking points, commonly without links to supporting material. Such repetition, which can border on the pathological, is a clear warning sign.

But, Romm did get one part right about ASS:

…it can be dangerous to the health and well-being of humanity if enough people actually believe the victims.

Yes, the health and well-being, i.e. individual liberties, of humanity definitely would have been endangered had the CRU crew (coined a new term?) been successful in defrauding the public with their junk science, and bringing on their Progressive Utopian reorganization of society via the lie that the earth’s thermostat needed to be turned down a fraction of a degree.

Yes, the CRU crew certainly suffers from ASS.

Note: I’ll henceforth call the Jones, Mann, Schmidt, Trenberth, et. al. the “CRU crew” when referring to them as a group, as they no longer deserve to be called scientists – as evidenced by their ASS.

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2 Responses to “Diagnosis: The CRU crew is suffering from ASS (Anti-Science Syndrome)”

  1. brian lemon says:

    Yesterday I reported how the CBC 25 year old meteorologist explained how “we are working hard to prove that the catastophic weather patterns we are seeing – snow in China and flooding in England – is caused by Global Warming.
    (notwithstanding that we haven’t seen any global warming yet)

    Today her brilliant line was “things are much worse than they thought two years ago. They’ve learned that their models weren’t that good back then.”

    If they weren’t good back then – why would they be any better now>

    They feel defeat. US legislation will not pass and Copenhagen will be a disaster. Meanwhile Al Gore is telling everyone in Toronto about how oil sands will destroy the world.


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