Dec 02

The MSM can’t ignore the growing scandal of Climategate forever, and CBS News manages to finally acknowledge skeptics without dissing them, and even links to the now famous Minnesotans For Global Warming’s “Hide The Decline” Video:

Even before the massive East Anglia document leak, the odds of an agreement being reached at Copenhagen appear to have been narrowing. Throw in a Fox News report about the U.N. and global governance and some black YouTube humor, and it looks like climate change skeptics have finally found their voice. And scientists and politicians endorsing dramatic limits on economic growth to limit carbon dioxide have been reminded where the burden of proof properly lies.

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4 Responses to “CBS News on Climategate: ‘…skeptics have finally found their voice.’”

  1. And how long have we cynics (sorry, not a “skeptic” any longer) been saying global warming is a hoax? Two years for me. And now that a story has come out that the mainstream media can’t ignore, skeptics, err, cynics are exposed in a light that’s, for once, not belittling? Hi CBS. I told ya so, even when you entertained Al Gore on your 60 Minutes “news” program almost two years ago when cynics were compared to moon landing hoaxers.

    At least CBS doesn’t live off Gore-Aid for breakfast, lunch and dinner like NBC and their recent Green Week, featuring a cameo appearance on 30 Rock by none other than the Profit (intentionally misspelled to make a point) himself.

    Unfortunately all of this will blow over soon and those pushing this myth will be back to spreading disinformation to bring global warming back into the mainstream. And the next generation of kids won’t have any idea that it was already proved to be a hoax.


  2. RockyRoad says:

    I understand Al Gore baby isn’t going to be speaking at Copenhagen after all. Maybe he couldn’t find a carbon footprint big enough for his jet. If he’d bend over, I’d give him my carbon footprint. Square on his backside. More than once, too.


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