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Yet another fresh Climategate Round-Up via The Daily Bayonet:

Welcome to the 5th round-up of all things climategate.  Global warming alarmists will deny that this post can exist because there is no such thing as climategate, otherwise they’d have seen it on CNN.

Anyone interested in what’s really news, grab a beverage and continue reading, those interested in Tiger Woods or DC party crashers should watch CNN or lobotomize themselves with a salmon, it’s your choice.

Climategate Data & Fallout

One of the things exposed in the leaked documents and emails: ‘smug groupthink‘.

The IPCC is tarnished by association with climategate ’scientists’, and may be too politicized to survive.  It doesn’t help when you have a runaway railway engineer at the head of the IPCC making scaremonger quotes like this:

“There are enough technologies in existence to allow for mitigation,” he said. “At some point we will have to cross over and start sucking some of those gases [CO2] out of the atmosphere.”

An Army of Davids carry the climategate torch whilst the majority of the MSM studiously ignore it and pretend that Tiger Woods is news.  Kudos to Fox for giving the issue real attention.

The BBC paid a private green firm to indoctrinate train its presenters and staff on how to toe the Big Green line.  Maybe the recently suspended Phil Jones can help out?

Australia’s opposition leader lost his job over his plan to support the Rudd government’s ETS policy.  Then that policy was destroyed by a climategate emboldened opposition under a new, skeptical, leader.  It’s still not news?

Dr. Tim Ball, who must feel vindicated by the CRU scandal, names names of those that perverted science in the name of a global warming ideology.

Phil Jones, the CRU Director, steps down.  It’s temporary pending the investigation by the EAU, but it’s a clear sign that there is substance to climategate, something the warmists have denied to date.

CRU Help Clippy(Image h/t Theo Spark)

Lord Monckton wasted no time, he’s got a book out on climategate already.  Link to the PDF here.

The IPCC should erase any work that relies on Phil Jones and CRU data. Pretty much all of it, then.

John Holdren will be investigated for his links to climategate.  Obama warms up the underside of his bus…

Malpractice is an ugly word, but that’s what global warming scientists and their cheering section in politics and the media have conspired to achieve.

If there is one academic that has earned respect during the climategate affair, it’s Judith Curry, the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  See why she deserves respect hereA letter from her is here, and is equally fair.  Perhaps this is the kind of person that can restore trust in science and the scientific process.

It’s not yet time to rest your clickering finger, because you’re just getting started. Click here and transport yourself to The Daily Bayonet for even more clickable Climategate links. My personal favorite part is titled, “Hippies Heads Exploding”, but perhaps you’ll be more enthused by the Climategate Hottie.

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