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On the same day that the EPA is set to falsely accuse the atmosphere’s CO2 molecules of being an “endangerment”, I hereby unofficially nominate the humble CO2 molecule for the Nobel Peace Prize. Hey, it makes more sense than calling this beneficial trace gas an “endangerment”. In his own Nobel acceptance/lecture, Al Gore has gone so far as to call CO2 “global warming pollution”, and insisted that man’s emissions of it were akin to treating our atmosphere like an “open sewer”. He couldn’t be more wrong.

When it comes to molecules that are necessary for life to exist on earth, with the possible exception of H20, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more beneficial than good old carbon dioxide.

CO2 is good for plants:

Literally thousands of laboratory and field experiments have conclusively demonstrated that enriching the air with carbon dioxide stimulates the growth and development of nearly all plants. They have also revealed that higher-than-normal CO2 concentrations dramatically enhance the efficiency with which plants utilize water, sometimes as much as doubling it in response to a doubling of the air’s CO2 content. These CO2-induced improvements typically lead to the development of more extensive and active root systems, enabling plants to more thoroughly explore larger volumes of soil in search of the things they need. Consequently, even in soils lacking sufficient water and nutrients for good growth at today’s CO2 concentrations, plants exposed to the elevated atmospheric CO2 levels expected in the future generally show remarkable increases in vegetative productivity, which should enable them to successfully colonize low-rainfall areas that are presently too dry to support more than isolated patches of desert vegetation.

Elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 also enable plants to better withstand the growth-retarding effects of various environmental stresses, including soil salinity, air pollution, high and low air temperatures, and air-borne and soil-borne plant pathogens. In fact, atmospheric CO2 enrichment can actually mean the difference between life and death for vegetation growing in extremely stressful circumstances. In light of these facts, it is not surprising that Earth’s natural and managed ecosystems have already benefited immensely from the increase in atmospheric CO2 that has accompanied the progression of the Industrial Revolution; and they will further prosper from future CO2 increases.

Join us as we explore these and other important benefits that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are bestowing on plants. Carbon dioxide emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels should not be feared; they are something to be celebrated!

CO2 is good for humans:

Far from being a pollutant, rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations will never directly harm human health, but will indirectly benefit humans in a number of ways. Chief among these benefits is global food security. People must have sufficient food, simply to sustain themselves; and the rise in the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration that has occurred since the inception of the Industrial Revolution (an increase of approximately 100 ppm) has done wonders for humanity in this regard. And, it will continue to work wonders in helping us meet the rising food consumption needs of a larger, future population.

In addition to increasing the quantity of food available for human consumption, the rising atmospheric CO2 concentration is also increasing the quality of the foods we eat. It significantly increases the quantity and potency of the many beneficial substances found in their tissues (such as the vitamin C concentration of citrus fruit), which ultimately make their way onto our dinner tables and into many of the medicines we take, improving our health and helping us better contend with the multitude of diseases and other maladies that regularly afflict us. In just one species of spider lily, for example, enriching the air with CO2 has led to the production of higher concentrations of several substances that have been demonstrated to be effective in fighting a number of human maladies, including leukemia, ovary sarcoma, melanoma, and brain, colon, lung and renal cancers, as well as Japanese encephalitis and yellow, dengue, Punta Tora and Rift Valley fevers.

CO2 an “endangerment”? Hardly. Al Gore and the rest of the alarmists need to stop smearing the good name of this beneficial trace gas, and learn to embrace CO2. If they truly wanted a greener planet, they’d learn to love CO2!

CO2 for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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25 Responses to “Beneficial CO2 molecule nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Bill says:

    Can you make the nomination official? It needs to be more than talked about. Let’s make it a movement. Tee shirts, Posters etc. Get the word out. Teach it in schools. Probably wouldn’t work in universities but elementary and highschools need to be taught.


    • Klockarman says:

      Thanks for reading the blog, and for your comment.

      Although this post was slightly tongue-in-cheek, my intention was to point out the absurdity of today’s EPA “endangerment” ruling (as Rush Limbaugh is prone to do, “illustrate the absurd by being absurd”).

      But, that’s not to diminish CO2′s important role in fostering life on earth. Without it, life would cease to exist.

      I’ve scanned the Nobel website, , and it seems that formal nominations need to be submitted by one of the following:

      1. Members of national assemblies and governments of states;
      2. Members of international courts;
      3. University rectors; professors of social sciences, history, philosophy, law and theology; directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes;
      4. Persons who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
      5. Board members of organizations who have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize;
      6. Active and former members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; (proposals by members of the Committee to be submitted no later than at the first meeting of the Committee after February 1) and
      7. Former advisers appointed by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

      I would think that #3 would be our best bet for finding a cooperative nominator. If any readers know of any persons qualified to make such a nomination, and who is willing to do so, please leave info here in the comments.



  2. rick says:



  3. Kevin says:

    Great post! I’ll likely do a post talkin about this tommorow and link back to it. I like the site too.. I’ll be checking back often =)


  4. mbabbit says:

    People should check out the Buteyko method of breath retraining that is used for asthma and other breathing related problems. Dr.Buteyko was a Russion doctor who had to fight the consensus in the Soviet Union concerning the value of increasing one’s internal C02 amounts for helping to oxygenate the body. C02, in the Buteyko worldview, leverages the Bohr effect which states that overbreathing does not oxygenate the body but actually does the opposite due to the loss of C02 . Buteyko teaches reduced breathing so as to preserve C02 amounts in the body. Today, in Russia and Britain, Buteyko is endorsed as a nonmedicinal treatment for Asthma. See for more information. Most people think of C02 as a waste product of their bodies but don’t realize that we need C02 for the relaxation of our smooth muscles and for blood vessel dilation Without C02 in our bodies we would be dead. Nice job, EPA.


    • Klockarman says:

      Since my son is mildly asthmatic, this may be of help to him. I’ll check it out.

      Thanks for your comment.


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  6. Old Gringo says:

    Interestingly, several researchers have postulated that we are in a CO2 drought. Ample evidence is available to confirm that CO2 concentrations were much higher in the past. It is likewise well documented that a wide variety of plants produce organic material more efficiently at higher concentrations of atmospheric CO2. If,as seems likely, the earth is now entering a period of protracted cooling; plant life will become less efficient at converting available CO2 to plant starches. Lowered temperatures plus diminished atmospheric CO2 (if the climate terrorists have their way) will inevitably lead to lowered crop yields. Which in turn will result in widespread famine. Is it unreasonable to posit that those actively promoting such an eventuality are indeed guilty of complicity in mass murder?


    • Klockarman says:

      Good points Gringo! There are so many benefits to CO2 that I had to cut the list a bit short. I figured that some commenters would come up with more, and voila!


  7. Yamal says:

    The Nobel Foundation is the greasy palm of the UN. Elevates US politicians with “prestigous” peace prizes in exchange fo widening the UN mandate. The Nobel Foundation has been largely responsible for faking AGW, look what it did to Al Bore.

    They can shove their “Peace” trophies up their ….. ,out of harm from CO2.


    • Klockarman says:


      I pretty much agree with your sentiment. I’ve been known to refer to the Nobel Peace Prize as the Liberal of the Year Award – so I know where you’re coming from.

      So, it’s probably insulting to a heroic molecule like CO2 to even be named in the same breath (no pun intended) as a disgraced award like the Nobel Peace Prize.

      But still, I wanted to make the point that CO2 is not in any way a “pollutant” – and I did.

      Thanks for your comment.


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  9. mbabbitt says:

    By the way, in Buteyko thinking, C02 is considered as your gold reserve and 02 is your silver used for the everyday expenditure/spending of energy. Considering the drought of C02 in the atmosphere presently, Buteyko teaches that you have to guard this C02 gold repository. It teaches nose/diaphragmatic breathing only this not only reduces your air volumes (and thus your exhalations of C02) but the nose contains nitric oxide (not nitrous) which is a naturally occuring antiviral. The irony is that many non mainstream therapies attract a lot of the alt med people who are AGW adhernets and they do not connect the C02 demonization in the AGW world with the way C02 is demonized by most people who consider it simply as a poison you expel. (My personal belief-hunch is that it is no coincidence that people who have a false idea of the benefits of C02 in their body — and who habitually overbreathe — would project this demonization onto the world.)

    “CO2 is toxic in higher concentrations: 1% (10,000 ppm) will make some people feel drowsy.[2] Concentrations of 7% to 10% cause dizziness, headache, visual and hearing dysfunction, and unconsciousness within a few minutes to an hour.[3]”

    Compare the beginning of toxic levels, 10,000 ppm with the current craze about C02 levels being at 387ppm and going up. For humans, we really have no fear of toxic levels of C02; our problem at the moment is too little.


  10. NikFromNYC says:

    Alarmist Eye Candy: Magic Tricks Explained Central England Don’t Panic! “Value-Added” Data


  11. W. C. Anderson, P. E. says:

    CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is the most friendly gas in our atmosphere. CO2 remains as a trace gas because photosynthesis converts it to O2 (Oxygen) almost immediately. We need mega-tons of CO2 to be put into our atmosphere daily to grow our food for an expanding population of the world. Our food supply depends on the CO2 emissions of SUVs, Volcanoes, Fires, and Plant-rot, to supply this essential greenhouse gas at sufficient levels to ward off famine. By the way, current levels of CO2 have been measured at 385 p.p.m., yet a good greenhouse requires 4 to 5 times that level to get a decent green plant production. To avoid a famine the government regulators better hope they donot lower the atmospheric level of CO2 from current levels; in fact, they should hope CO2 levels will rise to accommodate the increasing global food supply requirement, otherwise, world-wide anthropogenic famine!


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  14. Check your English, either “has gone” or “went” but not “has went”. Probably an editing of the sentence issue.


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  16. SasjaL says:

    Note that there is a difference between the Nobel Peace Prize and the other Nobel Prizes! There are professional people, who elect the “normal” runners. This applies to the Swedish Nobel Prizes, while those who are handing out the Nobel Peace Prize are appointed by Stortinget (the government) in Norway. The Peace Prize is therefore a political gesture (read flattery) …


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