Dec 07

As the Climategate bus keeps chugging along, The Daily Bayonet keeps the links a comin’:

A lot of stuff was written about climategate over the last few days, here is a selection of some of the more interesting or salacious stuff.

Of note is that this morning, CNN reported extensively on climategate, even sending John Roberts to the UK to report from the University of East Anglia campus.  Tonight (Monday 7th) Campbell Brown’s show is on the topic “Global Warming: Truth or Trick.”

For alarmists, the dam has burst on their hoax.  On the opening day of the climate-a-palooza in Copenhagen, CNN has dedicated coverage to climategate, and that is just one more inconvenient truth.

UPDATE: CNN video:

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

Prof. Jones, the deleter in chief of the CRU, is helping police with their enquiries.  But it’s not what you think, yet.

Follow the money, the research money, to see how filthy lucre results in dirty science.

The reckless ideology that drove the climategate scientists to hide declines, manipulate data, bully colleagues and ignore FOIA demands may have far reaching consequences for science and the credibility of scientists in every field of academic endeavor.  Which is why the guilty must be identified, isolated, investigated and, where appropriate, prosecuted.

The motley CRU have people everywhere, as this discovery in California shows.

As the University of East Anglia conducts an investigation into the CRU emails and the Met. Office prepares to revisit 160 years of data, the UK government tries to shut the investigations down because it will give ammunition to skeptics.   So much for the scientific method then.

Is an important email missing from the leak, or was the deletion of data not accidental?

The CRU hack or leak might have been one successful attempt of many to uncover the scandalous behaviour of the global warming alarmists.

The smoking code.

Revenge of the climate modellers, part deux.

There’s lots more to click on, including my personal favorite “Hippies Heads Exploding”, but you’ll likely be partial to the Climategate Hottie.  Go to The Daily Bayonet now, and start clicking!

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