Dec 09

Noel Sheppard notes a smorgasbord of lies that Al Gore serves up to CNN’s Kiran Chetry and John Roberts (without objection), and one delicious irony:

Al Gore warned CNN viewers Wednesday about imminent planetary doom at the hands of his favorite bogeyman global warming just seconds before Kiran Chetry reported the “monster storm paralyzing travel in more than a dozen states” with “winter still two weeks away.”

But let’s stick to the lies, and let Sheppard point out the biggest whopper of all:

CHETRY: And that goes along with what David in Arizona asked you. He wants to know, please tell us what percentage of carbon dioxide is caused by human activity relative to other sources of carbon dioxide.

GORE: Well, the majority of it is caused by human activity, and a cutting-edge study now quantifies the different causes of global warming. About 43 percent or almost half is from CO2. Twenty-seven percent, a little more than a quarter, is from methane. Then there is black carbon, also referred to as soot, which in some areas of the world is a very, very pronounced cause. And then you have the nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide and so forth. But the largest single source is manmade CO2.

The majority of CO2 in the atmosphere is manmade? Nonsense. In October 2000, the Department of Energy estimated that about 3 percent of the CO2 in the atmosphere was caused by man. After all, it is believed that the overwhelming majority of tropospheric CO2 existed before the year 1750 (288 parts per million). In 2000, total tropospheric CO2 was 368 ppm. The increase was comprised of 68.5 ppm by natural causes, and only 11.9 ppm from man’s activities, or about 3 percent. As CO2 levels are currently at 385 ppm, saying the majority of atmospheric CO2 is manmade is nonsense. Unfortunately, Chetry and Roberts let Gore get away with this falsehood as well. Nice interview job, huh?

Let’s review. Gore said, “the majority of it is caused by human activity”.  To clear up any possible confusion let’s define “majority”:

A majority, also known as a simple majority in the U.S., is a subset of a group that is more than half of the entire group. This should not be confused with a plurality, which is a subset having the largest number of parts.

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8 Responses to “Al Gore’s latest lie: Over 50% of CO2 in atmosphere is caused by man. The truth? It’s about 3%”

  1. TWAWKI says:

    […] Al Gore Lied […]


  2. bill-tb says:

    And that’s when you measure CO2 downwind from active volcanoes.


  3. KDK says:

    Inconvenient truths… LOL.

    I wonder if gore will take the long route home… like for the rest of his life. Hollywood, which I was once a part of, will NOT save him. Facts are out, gore is busted.

    “hide the decline” meant hide the decline, as was done… it didn’t mean anything else. In their graphs, the decline was hidden.. how can you spin this?


  4. Pat Moffitt says:

    I don’t like, respect or trust Al Gore however we do ourselves a disservice by spinning like Al- Al reframed the question- he did not say that half of all the CO2 in the atmosphere was from human sources. There are too many other real Gore falsehoods to use.


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  6. Jack says:

    Incredible how Al Gore can just lie to the public with a straight face over and over again. Doesn’t this guy have any dignity?


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