Nov 19

After giving an interesting history of the various temperature scales, Vincent Gray posted at Jennifer Marohasy’s blog:

There is nowhere on the earth, or in its atmosphere, where the energy content can be considered to be in equilibrium. In daytime there is usually a rise in energy, at night time, a fall. There are no circumstances where a definite temperature of any part can be defined thermodynamically.
You can, of course, put a measurement instrument close to one part and record the apparent transient temperature. If the measurement is continuous you might even derive some sort of average temperature at that point. But there is no way that one could carry out sufficient measurements, distributed in a representative way, so that any sort of global average temperature could be derived.

The climate scientists connected with the IPCC do, however, claim not only that they have measured average global temperature, but that this has been carried out with such accuracy that an increase of less than one degree Celsius over 100 years could be confidently related to increased emissions of greenhouse gases over the period, rather than to the errors of the measurement.

James Hansen, the pioneer scientist who is credited with having launched this belief in the influence of increasing greenhouse gases and continues to promote it, has admitted publicly, on his website that the measurements are completely unreliable.

What does this mean for the Warmer community and the AGW skeptic community? Probably not much. Everyone will go about their business, and keep measuring the temperatures as they see fit. If anything, this gives more validity to Dr. Roy Spencer’s method of measurement than James Hansen’s, and therefore GORE LIED will continue to use Dr. Spencer’s temperatures as the basis for the Al Gore / AIT Index.

Note: Dr. Vincent Gray has been an Expert Reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change for eighteen years, that is to say, from the very beginning. He lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

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