Dec 14

Climategate ain’t goin’ away folks, and neither are The Daily Bayonet’s Climategate Round-Ups:

Alarmists act like rodents, Tony Blair says that science don’t matter and the Daily Mail won’t stop asking awkward questions.  Life is good for skeptics and awful for weather hysterics, and there’s a hottie.  Do Monday’s get any better than this?

The Leak/Hack

Deny, deny, deny.

How damaging was the leak?  Very, very damaging.  And not just for the motley CRU:

ClimateGate doesn’t just bring down the scientists who wrote the emails, it brings down all the institutions and organizations that were supposed to have exacting standards and ought to have exposed the crimes years ago. The men whose work was so bogus, were lauded by the IPCC, published in Nature and Science, and defended by the National Academy of Science.

This evidence of collusion, falsification, hiding data, and consistent deceit blows away the infrastructures of the practice of science. It doesn’t hurt the scientific method, but it destroys the premise that the IPCC expert review means anything, that peer review is capable of even picking up outright fraud, and that the National Academy of Science is functional.

Climategate Inconvenient Emails/Data

One atmospheric scientist suggests that the motley CRU “substituted the search for truth with an attempt at proving one point of view“.

The UK Met Office doubles down on stupid, but wait, what’s that… coercion?

Facts, damned inconvenient when you’re trying to hobble the world’s economic engine.

Steve McIntyre, statistician and kryptonite to corrupt scientists everywhere, eviscerates the IPCC ‘trick’. I believe those are Michael Mann’s credibility entrails on the floor.  It has much to do with this image, read it all:

end of the green line?end of the green line?

The climategate leak/hack broke the dam, and now there is more evidence of data being maniupulated coming from around the world.

The 60 second video that destroys the hockey-stick myth once and for all:

UPDATE: CRU has removed data from it’s website. What PR advice are these folks getting? They have even less clue about how to manage the fallout from their misbehavior than they do about the scientific method.

That’s only the beginning. There’s much more Climategate schadendfreude going on at The Daily Bayonet. I recommend you go there now.

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