Jan 11

From The Oregonian:

In a recent How We Live section, many Oregonian employees cleansed their souls by confessing to some little environmental “sins.” Then they all felt better. I’ve got news for you.

The absolute worst, most non-green, planet-unfriendly, end-life-as-we-know-it thing you can do is have a child. The Earth is grossly overrun with humans, has been for decades and it’s only getting worse. Unless we get serious in a hurry about real population control — and that means reduction, not just treading water — you can eat all the tofu and drive all the smart cars you want: It won’t do any good.


Context #1:  Mr. Helwig’s State of Oregon has 35.6 people per square mile (or 1/20th of a person per acre).

Context #2:  Al Gore has four children.

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