Jan 23

Via Nobelprize.org’s FAQ:

Is it possible to revoke a Nobel Prize?

No, it is not possible according to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, § 10.

With the report today of a UN scientist’s frank admission that false data regarding Himalayan glaciers was used in the UN IPCC’s AR4, if there ever was a case for a Nobel Peace Prize to be revoked, this is it!

It’s time for the Nobel Committe to swallow their pride and set a new precedent by revoking the UN IPCC”s and Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize, and save some shred of what little credibility they have left.

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4 Responses to “Revoke UN IPCC and Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize now! Nobel rules don’t allow it? Screw it, set a new precedent!”

  1. Jack says:

    The Nobel Peace Prize is not relevant any longer, ever since it started rewarding people for something they might do in the future. Another words, buying influence for something that hasn’t happened yet. There is far too much false elevation associated with this award and is now seen as a tool used by the Nobel organization to accomplish it’s own agenda.

    Effectively, the Nobel Peace prize is a reward for promoting the lobbyist group’s ideology.


    • Klockarman says:

      You’re right. I’ve always thought of the Nobel Peace Prize as the “Liberal of the Year Award”.

      Thanks for reading the blog, and for your comment.


  2. There’s Nobel credibility left? I thought it left town when Yasser Arafat received the peace prize.

    I wonder if Gore knew about this falsified data when it was published or if he has just been taken along for the ride? And if it is the latter, I wonder if he’s having second thoughts about his involvement with global warming? Could be the reason he’s been so quiet lately. There’s still a man somewhere in there somewhere under all that machinery. Or was that Darth Vader?


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