Nov 26

Irony can be a beautiful thing.

Live Science reports:

A new study suggests that massive wind farms could steer storms and alter the weather if extensive fields of turbines were built, according to a news report.

Such massive wind farming would slow wind speeds by 5 or 6 mph as the turbines literally stole wind from the air. A ripple effect would occur in the form of waves radiating across the Northern Hemisphere that could, days later, run into storms and alter their courses by hundreds of miles.

The researchers “acknowledged the hypothetical wind farm was far larger than anything humans are likely to build,” according to the Web site, but if Department of Energy projections for wind farming are met by 2030 (for the country to get 20 percent of its electricity from wind), “it could probably have an effect,” James McCaa of 3Tier, Inc., a renewable energy forecasting company based in Seattle, is quoted as saying.

This hypothetical wind farm is far larger than anything humans are likely to build? Not at all. This what T. Boone Pickens wants. This is what Al Gore wants. This is what President-elect Obama wants.

We are told that climate change is OK as long as it’s natural. We are told that anthropogenic (man-made) climate change is bad. Very bad.

So is Al Gore going to now tell us that wind farms must be eliminated because they might cause anthropogenic climate change? Heck no.

But Al, should we practice the precautionary principle? We can’t be too careful, can we? The wind farms you want to build may alter the climate in a way that will affect our children, and their children. Our children might get very cold, or they might get very hot, or they might get very wet, or something. Whatever it is that happens to them, it will be very bad because we might have caused it, and we must feel very guilty.

No, Al Gore will not practice his much-loved Precautionary Principle and advocate for the elimination of wind energy because the Global Warming/Climate Change/Climate Crisis is really all about power, and tax revenue, and Al Gore’s retirement, and his legacy – even though he continues to deny it.

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